Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Postcard Swap

I have been following Monika's blog for a while and have always been fond of the beautiful thread work she does, as well as quilting, photography and lots of other great talents. On her sidebar she has a button for a postcard swap and that intrigued me so last month I asked to join . 
You must make a postcard, sort of a super tiny mini quilt or needlework art piece and then send it just like you would a regular postcard. 
Since I love meeting new people and especially people from other countries, I knew this was right up my alley. The cool thing, each month, is that there is a topic and it is limited to 4 participants. So I had to make 3 postcards and I should get three postcards in the mail in the next week.
Here are the three postcards I made. 
The theme this month was either In the Garden or Signs of Spring.
Which do you think I chose?
I wanted to try different techniques, so I made three very different postcards.
The first one I used my photo from a few years ago as inspiration.
Here's the photo

and here's my postcard.

The second one I fussy cut and then embellished with thread.

oops! I misjudged the placement of the greeting.
And the third one is a simple raw applique.

And today I received my first postcard in my mailbox. It's from Pat in New York. 
Such fun!


Wendys Hat said...

Beautiful! I love your postcards! I have been a stamp collector since I was a child and have been in an International Postcard Club for 2 years now and LOVE it! They are traditional and I've been dying to try a fabric one! Did you just write in permanent marker? How did you do the stamp or are you putting it in an envelope?

Geri Centonze said...

Lovely cards, Di....I like the one you received too - very nice!

Kyle Stanley said...

what a great idea to meet new friends with similar interests. i like your first one the best. its like painting with fabric.

Cindy Lou said...

How fun! Hope you share your postcards each month.

Annabella said...

What a great idea - you`ve done a fabulous job. Especially love your tomatoes!

My Sweet Prairie said...

SWEEEET! OOOH I'm so excited! Oh I'm so bad with names, I didn't put it together that this blog belongs to one of the new members at PostCardCottage (that would be you). Oh I can't wait! Your postcards are awesome!! I don't even know which one I sent you, but I did the same thing... three completely different ones. Postcards are such a great way to cause a huge learning curve when it comes to sewing and art. YAY! Thanks so much!!

in Saskatoon

Hollie said...

Those postcards are fantastic!

Grandma Coco said...

Your postcards are beautiful!! Monika is such a bad influence on us all. :)