Sunday, June 5, 2011

52 Lists, Week 1

I've decided to follow the suggestion I saw on Kellie's blog, on the brink... of something beautiful, and make a list every Sunday. This weeks prompt was an easy one, just make a list of what you were going to do today. Here's my list
We went to church last night so we thought we would have so much time today to get a bunch of stuff done and to enjoy our Sunday. We started out great, by going for a swim this morning. I've started swimming laps again, after a year off due to a shoulder injury. The swim was so nice, the water warm and the air just slightly cool.
Then we got ready to go to the Apple store, where I had an appointment to ask a few questions about the memory on my laptop.Daniel was so helpful, but UGH! I have spent the entire day backing things up and getting them off the computer to give me more space. It seems I had things repeated in too many places. While doing all this I accidentally erased all the photos on my computer. EEE GADS! Luckily I had a back up! But I lost a few weeks worth of photos. Good thing I blog because I can snag some of the photos back from things I have posted.
You see what I had planned for today, above,  but here is what I actually got done:
1. swim with Mr. Romance
2. Genius Bar appointment at the Apple store
3. Pick up my Hexagon Park quilt from the quilter
4. Shop for dinner
5. Spray baste 5 blocks for the CMB2A quilt
6. Made the label for above quilt (photo when quilt is completed)
7. Made the bias binding for the Hexagon quilt
8. Helped Mr. R rescue a bunny out of the drain 

Sadly, the bunny didn't make it. His legs were broken and we think he was in there a while.
9. Did payroll for the office.
I didn't get Eden's gift planned, but I think I did better than I planned given the huge setback with the computer. I am still working on restoring the laptop.
What did you have planned for today and what did you actually do?


Annabella said...

Poor bunny..that`s so sad but I`m glad you got him out. Sounds like you still got a lot done. I had a really quiet day but did do some sewing...I woke yesterday with a very stiff neck and right shoulder from sleeping with a windy window next to me and so I was preoccupied with that for too much of the day. Hand quilting today - so much more gentle than machine quilting but uhmm, slower.

Amanda said...

awwww, bunny! :(

i wasn't able to cross everything off my list either - but what i did get done was good.

Geri Centonze said...

so sorry about the bunny...he looks so pathetic stuck in that pipe :( At least you tried. A for effort! Love the list idea, but not sure if I'll participate - just would be one more thing to add to my list, huh?!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Geri on this one..... Making a list would be just one more thing to add to my list! :-)
Thank you for trying with the bunny.