Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm an Artsee Blogger

My sister has started a new blog. It is a gathering place for art bloggers of all sorts. Geri has great vision for this blog and if you are smart you will get in on the ground floor with her. She just launched it today and has already had almost 500 page views! If you want to get traffic on your blog, this will be a wonderful way to attract readers and you can also find some very talented people there too! I'm there, won't you join me?

click on the link to go check it out

Artsee Bloggers


Geri said...

Thanks Di - great post and of course Love that photo! You look mah-velous at any age!

Annabella said...

Thanks Di - I`ve just emailed Geri and hope to be one too. How exciting!

Mrs A said...

wow your sister is a star, i will put a linky thing on my blog too, that is a lovely photo btw.

quilthexle said...

Thanks so much for posting this ! Will join Geri's site, and put a link on my blog. Take care!