Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Featured Today at Stitch Steals

I'm so excited to once again be honored by being a featured blogger. Jump on over to Stitch Steals to see the nice post Andreanna wrote about me. Color me happy!

And isn't this a cool display? We saw this at the Allsaints-Spitalfields store in Seattle. The entire store is decorated with vintage sewing machines, spools, and looms.  I was told "no photos, please", but managed to snag this photo, James Bond style, thus the poor quality. I saw a similar post on Suz's blog, from a post she recently wrote about her visit to London. Check out her blog to see better photos of the displays (she's still on holiday, now in France, and has some nice photos).  I had no idea this store was in the states and now I found out we have two in the Los Angeles area. They carry clothing similar to the clothes sold at Anthropology, but a tad bit pricier. Loved their display.
I'll be MIA this weekend because our son and DIL are in town with their 4 kiddos. Lots of fun and celebration this weekend. We are celebrating 5 birthday, Kyle's return from Brazil and Independence Day.
Have a wonderful weekend. I have a lot planned for next week. See you then.


Geri said...

There must be one in Las Vegas because I had a picture almost exactly like that! I didn't realize they were all over the place either. Sounds like you'll be busy the next few days.

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy this weekend - in a very fun way! I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.

I never understood why places wouldn't want photos taken. I always link to their webpages and say nothing but nice things. Seems silly to turn down free advertising. That display is sooooo cool though!!

Susan Snooks said...

Wow! They do have an amazing collection! (Thanks for the link Di!) The London store didn't mind me taking photos at all, but in Paris I was nearly thrown out of La droguerie for taking a couple of quick photos! Precious! Enjoy the time with your family! You'll make wonderful new memories with them!

Annabella said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your family - lovely piece at Stitch `n Steal!

Cindy said...

Have fun with those grandchildren. I'm counting down until I get o see mine.
P.S. Your paper is in the mail

Geri said...

Somehow I missed the first line about you being featured - just checked it out - lovely article!!! That's my sista! ♥