Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wednesday is Mr. R's day off. We had a great day yesterday. It started by our construction fix-it guy rescheduling his 10 am appointment with us. No problem, more time for me to sew. I wanted to get my Rockin Robin blocks sewn together that I had made on Tuesday.
so here is row 3

and here is how all 3 rows look together so far.
This week's tutorial came from Quilt Story blog. It was easy to follow and Heather and Megan even put it in Pdf form for easy printing.
I also wanted to get 3 blocks completed for  Baby Carrot's quilt. By the way, my nephew's baby, due in November, was named Baby Carrot by her big sister. When we asked her mom why Q named the baby Baby Carrot, she said, "just because vegetables were on her mind that day". Too cute! I ended up completing 5 blocks! So now I have 10 blocks completed. I don't know if this will be a 3x4 block quilt or a 4x4. I'll see how it looks after I complete two more blocks.

First thing in the morning I posted my finished wallet for my partner in the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap on Flickr. You can read that post here if you missed it. I received such a wonderful response both from my blog readers and from the Flickr group. It made my day. One of the responses came from Darci in our Flickr group. I have been following Darci's blog for several months. She made the most beautiful pouch. Check it out here on her blog called Stitches and Scissors.  Funny thing, we just found out we are neighbors! I can literally walk to her house from mine! Now that is too weird. So blogland is not so big after all. I'm hoping to meet Darci in person soon.

Wednesday is also my sister's day with my mom. She takes Mom to her hair appointment and runs her all over town for all the things my mom just has to have, like yarn and frozen food and coffee creamer, and for whatever else she might have a coupon. LOL! This is such a huge help to me and it gives Geri and Mom time to chat and get caught up. Afterwards, Geri said she would help me with some things I have been wanting to do to my blog. If you'll notice,  I now have a little Wibiya bar at the bottom of my page, a Flickr widget and also my right column is not so long because she condensed all the posts, labels and blogroll into another widget. When I say "help" I mean she did it while I sewed and every once and a while answered her question of where I wanted things placed and what to call them. I know I have mentioned this before, but my sister is a blogging genius, certified computer geek, amazing artist and a lovely friend. We have grown closer and closer through the years and I love her so much. If you haven't checked out her blog, My Heart Art by Geri, hop over and take a peek. She draws, paints and does digital art. She also has a "Geek Alert" section on her blog where she shares her latest finds on how to enhance your blog. She has helped so many of her blog friends, for free, to enhance their blogs. She really needs to start charging people for her time, except me, of course!  And if that isn't enough to keep her busy, she started a new blog 10 days ago, called Artsee Bloggers and she already has 227 followers and over 9000 page views! If you are any kind of an Artsee Blogger you really should sign up on her blog. It is a way to get traffic on your blog  and a place to find some really great connections. She does all this out of the generosity of her heart. There are no sponsors, although someday that would be nice to see all her hard work pay off.

Now, I know this post is getting long but my day was not over yet and it just kept getting better and better. I received my Pretty {little} Pouch from my secret partner, Sara. It is so cute. She also included a beautiful pin cushion and a ring she made. Now I can throw away my Joann's pink tomato wrist pin cushion that is falling apart. Isn't this pouch just so darn cute? I wonder what I will keep in it?

I had been sewing and blabbing all day and I promised Mr. Romance I would stop early and we would go out for dinner and some shopping. We headed to Fashion Island where the weather was considerably cooler because it is in Newport Beach. We had such a nice time, sitting outside for dinner, watching the people walk by. Then we walked around the mall and I said I wanted to see what was new in  Anthropology. I picked out 6 things that I thought were cute. Tried them all on, they all fit and I liked all of them. So I bought all of them! No way, when does that ever happen? And lucky me, it was my birthday month, so I got 15% off the total price.
Like I said...yesterday was a great day!
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Annabella said...

Something tells me you had a great day yesterday...I have to go check on supper so I can`t comment on everything but your blocks are amazing (as normal), yes your sister is as talented as her heart is big and your pouch from the swap is adorable. Oh and your evening with Mr. R sounds lovely and I love Anthropologie! Keep enjoying your birth month.

Geri said...

Wow! I'm so touched by your wonderful blog post. We have grown closer over the years and I'm so happy that I could help with your blog. Love your pouches - both the one you made and the one you received and Baby Carrot's quilt is adorable - can't wait to see her snuggled up in it after she's born. Big hugs from your geeky sister ♥

Bree said...

I'm so jealous! That was one of the pouches I had REALLY hoped was coming to me. Lucky you! :)