Sunday, August 14, 2011

52 Lists, week 11

Today's list is supposed to be things you will miss about summer. Well, I had to think long and hard because summer is NOT my favorite season. I really don't like the heat, but I do love some of the things (like tomatoes) we get because of the heat. So here is my list:

I'm linking up with Kellie at On the Brink of Something Beautiful, once again.
See you tomorrow when I will have my make a list Monday .
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Anonymous said...

Cute layout for your list! And I agree.....Fall is the BEST season! :-) Not that we've had any HEAT, to speak of, here in Seattle.

Annabella said...

Your lists are always lovely and your scrapbook presentation is adorable. I`m looking forward to the fall too. In fact I can`t wait!

Geri said...

I've never had a mojito! I must try one soon. Great list and presentation ♥

smiles, Sharon said...

So colorful and bright, just like summer. Love your layout, colors, type font,everything. And, I, too love FALL...but willing to wait a bit longer!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love it sooo much!!!

Renay said...

Love the scrapbook-like way your designed your list! It really screams summer.