Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If it's Tuesday, what happened to Monday?

I am on call for jury duty all week so I don't want to plan anything or get too involved in a project because at noon everyday I have to call to see if I have to appear at 1 in the afternoon each day. Such a pain, but I am doing my civic duty, I guess. With that said, I forgot to make my list yesterday. Let's first see how I did on last weeks list.
This weeks list (Make a List Monday, week 4)
1. Buy backing fabric for baby carrot quilt. 
Ordered, but not yet received. I had originally wanted to back it with carrot print fabric but I guess it is out of stock in most stores and I was unable to find it on line. But I have a new idea sparked by this pieced block. I can't remember who's blog I saw it on, sorry, so I can't give the credit to the creator of this cute block.

2. Start Swoon quilt I have completed two blocks so far. One was blogged about here and this is the second block.

3. Finish secret sewing project Finished some and still working on others
4. Make 3 Farmer's wife blocks The Farmer's Wife and I had a break-up and I will return to this project after we make up.

Make a List Monday, Week 5
1. Cut out Across the Seas quilt for QAL 
2. Finish bee blocks for 3x6 Quilting Bee.
3. More secret sewing
4. Make 1 Swoon block


Susan Snooks said...

Love your latest Swoon block! I think I am going to make one of those! Good luck on Jury Duty! I've never had the pleasure!

Annabella said...

When I was a lwayer I was exempt from jury service but I believe they have changed the law now so were I in England and a practicing lawyer I could do it too (but that's not likely to happen). Hope you don't get called up for something too lengthy! Swoon and Baby Carrot are looking delightful...like your list. I have one too! Cutting on QAL starts tomorrow...

Vickie said...

I am lovin' your swoon quilt. It is on my long list if 'want to do' quilts. Hope you get to stay home every afternoon this week. Hugs

Lynn Cohen said...

Cute carrots.

Geri said...

The swoon block is so beautiful....looking forward To seeing how you finish baby Carrot's quilt!

Tami said...

Love your Swoon blocks. I have the pattern and I am still trying to decide what fabric I will use.

I had jury duty last year. Here in New Mexico they keep us on call for a 3 month period. I hated it. Fortunately after serving you are not eligible again for at least 3 years.