Monday, August 15, 2011

Make a List Monday, Week 4

First let's see how I did on last week's list!
Make a List Monday, Week 3
This week I hope to get a lot accomplished. I have two quilts that are ready to go to the finished stages. 
1. Add the sashing and borders to Baby Carrot's quilt. Buy the backing fabric and get it to the quilter. Finished the sashing and decided that's all it needs. I have not purchased the backing fabric yet, but I know what I want. Can you guess? After I purchase the backing I will take it to my local long arm quilter.

2. Sew the Rockin Robin quilt together and add borders. Get it to the quilter. It's ready to go, I just need to decide who will quilt it. Lisa from That Crazy Quilt Girl has expressed a desire to quilt it. That should be a fun experience to have a new to me quilter put her spin on my quilt..

the pieced backing uses all the same fabrics from the front
3. Make the postcard with a Bloom theme for the Do What You Love postcard swap. Finished, sent and already received by the recipient.
4. Make 2 Farmer's Wife blocks. 
I only finished one block.

5. Choose fabrics for the Color Wheel Charm Square Swap. Ordered but not received yet.
6. Start the Swoon Quilt. This last one might be pushing me a little too much, but I am ready for a new project. Didn't even have time to think about it. Hopefully this week!
7. Do some secret sewing for another giveaway. Although I didn't get the giveaway sewing done I did make this cute little pot holder set to include in a housewarming gift for our friends.

This weeks list (Make a List Monday, week 4)
1. Buy backing fabric for baby carrot quilt.
2. Start Swoon quilt
3. Finish secret sewing project
4. Make 3 Farmer's wife blocks

That's all I am committing to right now. I think I was putting too many demands on myself to get things done too quickly. It's not a race, this is just a hobby for me, right?
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Cindy said...

You are a busy lady! Love your quilts!

Lynn Cohen said...

My goodness you are busy. Wow. And all is so pretty. Clever pot holders too Thought they were books.

WoolenSails said...

I need a list, but then I would be too overwhelmed with what I need to finish, lol.


Susan Snooks said...

Definitely not a race- but you know what they say - "she with the most fabric wins!!"LOL! You have made great progress; the pot holders are great- I think I need a "make a list Monday" post too!

NatashaMay said...

That's a lot done in just one week. :) I just stopped by to let you know I received one of your gorgeous postcards from the postcard swap. :)I love it! Thanks! :)

Annabella said...

Oh Di - you are spinning! You have achieved so much. I love Baby Carrot`s quilt and the sashing you have put on. I hope you will change your mind and do the Across the Seas QAL with Jennifer and Sarah as I would love to do some sewing with you! But I also understand you already have a lot to do. The end of this hot weather is in sight (weeks rather than months) and I can`t wait to get sewing.

Helen in Switzerland said...

I can't believe how much you manage to achieve Diane. You put the rest of us to shame!!

Katy Cameron said...

Well done on what you completed. I too take on too much, and pressure myself to crack on with things. Heaven only knows why, you're right, it's not a race!

Lindsay Conner said...

Nice patchwork! I'm sure those potholders will be well-loved. :) And your Round Robin quilt looks awesome! Thanks for linking up to the Dinner Party!

Geri said...

You have accomplished so much and everything is beautiful...can't air to see everything finished. Will there be carrots on baby carrot's quilt?

Rebecca said...

LOVE that Baby Carrot quilt ~ and great fabric choice!

P. said...

You sure have some pretty things in the works! I especially love that pinwheel, Baby Carrot!

Kristen King said...

I have to remind myself to slow down too..but it so fun to see my projects finished! :) Your quilts are beautiful.

Sarah Craig said...

Goodness, you got a lot done this week! Do you find it helps when you have to "fess up" about what you got done? I do! Love your little carrot quilt!! Whoop whoop!!

pasqueflower said...

Adorable potholders! Love the cheery colors!

Kendra from missknittas studio said...

Just stopped here from the Bloggers' Dinner Party and your potholders are so cute!