Monday, August 22, 2011

Nine years old

It's hard to believe that our first grandchild celebrated her 9th birthday over the weekend. It was so fun to see her with all her girlfriends, happy and giggling as they swam and ran around acting like "girls". Remember, I raised 4 sons, so I am not used to all this girl stuff.
Makenzie had asked us many months ago if we would get her an ipod touch for her birthday. We were super excited to be able to give her something that she really wanted. It was definitely a hit! I even made her a cute little pouch (I followed this tutorial, making it 1/2" wider to accommodate the protective case ) to keep it in and protect the "bedazzled" cover we got her for it. For this week, we are pretty cool grandparents!
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Canadian Abroad said...

Nine year olds and iPod touches must be the thing as that is exactly what Emily got for her birthday last Friday.

Cindy Sharp said...

She is beautiful! I'm hoping that one of my boys brings me a pretty girl to play with some day.

Lynn Cohen said...

Cute, Happy

Annabella Zeiddar said...

Oh I'm sure you are always the coolest grandparents...lovely collage Di! Happy birthday to your grand-daughter.

Geri said...

Such a fun celebration! What a great gift!