Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's been a good couple of weeks

If you measure a good week by the things you receive in your mailbox, then I have had a great week. Things I have ordered have arrived and swappy kinds of things have started pouring in, nice notes and even emails all wishing my mom a speedy recovery.
A quick update on my mom. She saw the surgeon today and he says she is healing well, bone is forming around the screws that have been inserted into the rod used to stabilize her femur. She's strong and able to do her exercises and has been moved up to weight bearing on her injured leg. This is huge progress and I am so happy and proud of her hard work and perseverance. Just look at the rod going in her leg. WOW! She'll be dancing in record time. We are all so grateful that she will be able to attend my nephew's wedding this weekend.

I belong to hive 9 of the 3x6 Flickr bee and I have received three of the six blocks for this quarter. I'll save a photo until I receive all 6 blocks.
But I do have photos of other fun things.
First up is the twill tape labels I ordered from mommie made it on Etsy. There are 3 yards of my cute little custom labels with my blog name on them. I will use them for swap gifts.

I also ordered this book and received it from a wonderful Etsy seller in Japan. She hunted it down for me after I sent her an email about one she had already sold on Etsy. Once I practice my paper piecing maybe I can hang out with really cool people like Kerry and Ayumi and Leila. Patchwork Patterns 318 is a wonderful book, but written in Japanese and the paper pieced patterns are not numbered so it will take me some time to practice. But, I so want to be able to do work like these very talented ladies all do.

I also ordered this book by the Kaffe Fassetts people. There are some really beautiful ideas inside and I have yet to buy some Kaffe Fassett's fabric, so this is on the to-do list!

And on a fun and playful note I got this book, too. It will be fun to practice piecing words to play with on some children's quilts I have planned. Baby Carrot still needs the back of her quilt finished and I just might put a word or two on her quilt.

I also received 112 different Color Wheel Charm Squares from the swap organized by Kati of From the Blue Chair blog. We'll be swapping again at the Sewing Summit next month, so I will have plenty of Rainbow charm squares to make a great project or two or three!

The last thing I have to show you is this boxy zippered bag I made yesterday.

Do you think I should offer this as a goodie to one of my Goodie swap partners in place of this 

or this?

The figs have been ripening faster than we can eat them so when I have too many figs I make fig jam. Yesterday I made 13 jars. I tried a new method, making it in the crockpot. It turned out delicious and I didn't have to worry about it burning. So I think the canning is now finished for the summer.
Here's our stash of fig jam and Tomato jam behind it.

Isn't that a cute label? And yes, we keep  our wine stash in this closet, too.

I just love the color of this jam
The rest of the week will be busy with wedding stuff. I am hosting the blessing circle for the bride on Friday so I have some baking to do. I'll be back next week with wedding photos and hopefully some sewing finishes. I still want to make a bag and a camera strap before I leave for the Sewing Summit.
Wish me luck.

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Toni said...

Wonderful news about your mom! Those labels are very cute. I need to look into something like that as well. I am also intrigued by the paper piecing those phenoms can do. Amazing, and it totally motivates me to try it! Your jam looks delicious! We don't have figs around here so it is neat to see things canned other than what I'm used to! I never thought to make it in the crockpot, but that is a great idea!

Dianne Neale said...

This is a very full post! Fistly glad to here you're mum is mending well and will be at the wedding. ALso love all the goodies that have arrived. I don't know what to say about which item to send to your partners - I'd be pleased to receive any of them. I love the tape labels - will have to get some of those I think.
Tell me more about jam making in a crock pot - is this what I would call a slow cooker?

susan said...

So pleased to hear about your mum. That x-ray is scary looking! Hope she has a great time at the wedding, as do all of you.

Flying Blind... said...

Great news about your mum - don't let her have too much Sherry and topple over at the wedding!
All you delivers are brilliant, can't wait for my charms, and as for the 318 - I am so jealous!!
Choices of goodies - I love the new pouch!

Ellie said...

That's great that your mum is healing nicely.
You must feel like it's Christmas with all your goodies coming. You are a busy lady with all your jam making and sewing, and that jam looks lovely.

Sara said...

So happy to hear your mom is on the mend!

How long did it take to get those labels made btw? I am having lack of communication problems from the person I bought some from on Etsy:(

Katy Cameron said...

Busy, busy for you. Love those labels, and would love a paper piecing book, I may need to start stalking etsy (especially as I just joined a piecing bee!)

I think if my dad saw that cupboard he'd run a raid on it, it's filled with all his favourite things!

The box pouch is cute, but I'd prefer the bags (not that they're for me I'm sure lol)

So glad your mum can make it to the wedding now, hope it goes wonderfully

Helen in Switzerland said...

Di, you just HAVE to slow down...who are you? Wonderwoman? You are certainly putting the rest of us to shame!!

Melinda said...

Ooh, goodies abound. I don't even know where to start. How about I love all of it! Sorry to hear about your mom. I freaked a bit when I saw the x-ray; my ankle x-ray looks very similar. Suffered a tri-mallelar fracture back in 1998. But I don't really notice it anymore. Question: where do you get your cute jelly jars? Our local stores only carry the basic jars.
I did a WIP today so come visit! I also have a giveaway going on so come check it out!

Annabella said...

Great news about your mum and I endorse Hadley`s comment! Your goodies are amazing...can`t wait for my charms...and I love that new bag! You could substitute it for the first one but I guess it is what your partner likes (I know that now). Loving the fig jam..sadly got to the end of the tomato jam but have the lovely jar as a reminder of you and its yummy contents.