Friday, October 14, 2011

Sewing Summit, Part 2

advance notice...long post ahead

Saturday at the Sewing Summit was a day of classes, swaps and meeting new people. It was set up so that we had 2 classes before lunch and two classes after lunch. I had signed up for Dana's class on blogging. There was a lot of conversation in this class about the pros and cons of blogging and what makes a good blog. I feel like I came away from that class confident that I am taking my blog in the right direction. The key word was to make it about what you love. For me that is my family, sewing and quilting, gardening, cooking, photography and travel. So I guess my RANDOM THOUGHTS is a good title for my blog. The next class I had was free motion machine quilting with Allison. This class was very helpful and Allison gave us the confidence to try free motion on our machines at home. Allison also showed us some of her beautiful quilts and she sells her patterns on her blog, too.

Lunch was included in the day and it was a nice buffet of sandwiches, soup and salads.
After lunch I took the color class taught by Jeni. This was the class I was most excited about. I seem to have a problem stepping outside of my comfort zone of using all one line of fabric. After this class I feel more confident in choosing fabrics by color and value, warm and cool and just going for it. The icing on the cake was at the end of class Jeni gave us each a Kona Color card! How awesome is that? Thank you Jeni for getting Robert Kaufmann to donate this helpful tool.

Next it was Natalia's class to learn her special way to do machine applique without fusible web. This was really cool and except for the need to spray the fabric with spray starch and iron it 7 times until it is really stiff, this is a very quick method. After washing, your quilt will be soft instead of stiff from the fusible. I will definitely use this method the next time I do machine applique.

It was time to eat again. The ever so sweet Jennifer and Elena had planned a dinner and I was lucky enough to be invited. We went to Red Rock Brewery. While waiting for our tables to be set up AnneMarie came up to me and asked, "Are you Diane, who made the Rockin' Robin Quilt with the Impressions fabrics?" What, someone knows me and recognizes me and remembers my quilt? Wow! I was dumbfounded. I hope she didn't think I was rude, but I was at a loss for words. These girls are all rock stars to me and for someone to actually say something to me was very special!
The food was delicious and Cindy and I sat with Lee, Elizabeth, Kate and Kate's sister-in-law, Mary. It was so fun to talk with people whose blogs I have been following for a year. These girls are all so talented.
Elena and Jennifer

l-r: Elizabeth, Lee, Cindy, Kate and Mary
We needed to get back to the hotel for the fat quarter swap and the Color Wheel Charm swap, but not before Jennifer and Elena surprised each of us with another swag bag. Oh My Gosh! There was fabric, rotary cutters, mats, rulers, patterns, quilting gloves and so much more.

Thanks to Jennifer and Elena for arranging this dinner and organizing all the swag. I think I am set for a while.
Here's what I scored in the fat quarter swap organized by Kaelin...

and the color wheel swap organized by Kati

these 5 are some of my favorite charms in the group
I had signed up for Michelle's clutch purse class which started at 9:30...but I was too tired to learn anything so I went to bed. I did make a clutch purse today and will show you on another day.
Sunday there were two more classes, Photographing Your Creations taught by Vanessa and Improv Piecing taught by Jess. Both classes were super informative but I really liked the hands on improv piecing class. I learned how to piece a curve, which will come in really handy if I ever start my Drunkard's Path QAL.
Then it was time to say our goodbyes, but not before the winners of the silent auction were announced. I had the highest bid on a fat quarter bundle of beautiful blue and green Kona solids and some great scraps to go with them. I just might have to put that improv piecing class to work.

There was also a Super Secret Sewing Summit Bee of which about 22 of the participants created blocks to make Amy and Erin each a quilt to commemorate their hard work on the first ever Sewing Summit. Everyone was in tears as they open these beautiful creations. I hope that next year we can all be included in creating something for these special ladies.
photo from Amy's Creative Side

photo from Amy's Creative Side

So, if you have made it through this super long post I hope you will think about joining us next year. 
I hope you will check out the blogs of the people I named here. They are all so talented, but you probably already follow them like I do.

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Toni said...

Great post! I love reading everyone's impressions of the Summit. Its nice to hear that everyone really is as sweet as they seem online! Looks like you came back with some amazing memories (and swag)! Glad to hear you had such a fabulous time!

Cindy said...

It was fun......looking forward to next year!
Can't wait to see your framed purse.

Geri Centonze said...

Looks like you got a lot out of the Summit. I really like the color wheel of fabrics.

Flying Blind... said...

Yep, even more jealous as you suspected!!

Kate S. said...

It was great to meet you in person Di! You took so many more (and better) pictures than I did - love your recap :)

susan said...

The more you tell us the more I wish I could have been there. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Katy Cameron said...

Like Hadley, an even more delicate shade of jade right now ;o) Glad you had such a good time though :o)

Linda said...

What an awesome time!!!!! Boy, you did score the swag! :-)