Friday, October 21, 2011

Winter Sewing Plan

Back on February 26, I made this list of projects that I had planned to work on throughout the year. I did complete a few of these projects and so many more , but it proves that making a list does not really help. I thought it did, until I went back and checked this list. If you notice there are only a few things crossed off of this list.
1. Hexagon Park by Camille Roskelley made with Giddy

2. Fruit and Vegetable printed fat quarters
3. Square One using Petite Ecole
      4. Placemats using Java Panel by Moda fabrics
5. Misc mug rugs made with Java
I didn't make a mug rug but I did make this journal cover.

6. A quilt called Les Calanques (I bought the fabric in Nimes, France several years ago).
7. Glory Garden Flag
8.   ½ yard each of 7 fabrics from Urban Owls by Kaufman fabrics
I made this outfit for my granddaughter

9. Brown and aqua fabric for a market bag Completed 2/27/11
10. 7 fat quarters of navy and white fabrics bought in Amsterdam years ago.
11. 9 fat quarters of muted blues, browns and yellows also purchased in Amsterdam.
These became my Circle Me Back to Amsterdam Quilt

  1.  A Central Park jelly roll
  2. Blessings kit by Quilt-n-Piece
  3.  Madeleine’s Lemonade Stand kit
  4.  A quilt of the month called All Around the Town. I’ve made one square, but it’s major applique and I need to know I can take my time with this one and not have to make it all at once.
  5. SINGLE GIRL QUILT pattern that I love but no fabric has spoken to me yet for this one.
  6. Hooked on Hankies panel and yardage for my mom
  7. Construction panel and yardage for a little boy
  8. I also want to use that box of scraps and design some sort of original scrap quilt.
  9.  A pattern for a really cute bag  I've made lots of bags since February.
  10. Buttercup table runner and placemats by Fig Tree Quilts added 2/28/11
 So I think I can be busy with these projects alone for the next couple of years but you know I will find something new to make along the way, too.
So fast forward to October 2011 and you can see I have not made even a small dent in the above list. But, I am going to make another list and link up with Sarah and try to do better on this new list.

FairyFace Designs
So here is my list, in no particular order:
1. Finish binding my Across the Seas QAL and mail it to my sister-in-law.
2. Make a mini quilt for my secret partner in the Post Sewing Summit Swap.
3. Make a block with the beebolt fabrics we were given at Sewing Summit. The blocks will be made into a charity quilt and displayed at the Summit next year.
4. Refashion our Sewing Summit canvas bag into another bag for a contest on Flickr.
5. Make a practice block and choose fabrics for my month (January) as queen in the NewBee on the Block bee. I want to make a "X and +" quilt like this one.
photo from Where the Orchids Grow
I am becoming a bit of a Leila fan. I love everything she makes!
6. Finish my Swoon quilt. I have 3 blocks finished, 6 more to go.

7. Finish Baby Carrot's quilt. She's due in a month.
8. Make Drunkard's Path quilt following along with Kate's QAL.
9. Keep up with the New Bee on the Block bee.
10. Make 3x6 bee blocks for the new quarter.
11. And let's not forget all the sewing projects I will be adding at the last minute for Christmas gifts. Lots of pouches, purses and little clutches.

This post has gone on long enough and I fear if I add any more to this list my mind will explode. Luckily, winter has not started and it doesn't end for 5 more months, so this list of 10 things should be very manageable. Now the list at the top of the page...I'm not so sure. Some of those projects I don't even like anymore!

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Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Those are great things to do!! I'll be watching!

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I think you have to be careful and not beat yourself up too badly for all of the things that you have NOT done...and, at least give equal if not MORE attention to the things that you HAVE COMPLETED.

It's not always about the end destination...but, the journey can be just as important.

I am learning that making the list is step one of a two part system. The step regular evaluation of progress. =)

I am a habitual starter and, I'm trying really hard - at 59 years old - to take a different perspective on the "list"


Geri said...

I think you made a lot of things that weren't on your list though, so I agree with the previous commenter!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with your list! Anyway, you got loads of other things done that I've seen, so you've hardly been sitting around with your feet up!

Manda said...

Great list! Don't worry about what you've not finished, concntrate on what you have finished! If you don't like stuff anymore you won't enjoy working on it - where is the fun in that?

Annabella said...

I`ll be watching you too as all you make is so pretty! Love that Swwon block - may have to make a quilt myself!

blandina said...

I admire you for making these lists and then trying to complete them. I am more of an instinctive person, I am taken by the sudden wish of sewing something and therefore I have several UFOs waiting in line. But I do finish projects, takes time!

Shocking Hocking said...

good list - hope it'll give you satisfaction to cross stuff off - and add the additional things you made so you can cross those off too!!

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Your list is pretty great - can't wait to see how you get on. You can update it too in Jan :-) Its all about focusing on what you get done - thanks for linking up :-)

Pat Merkle said...

I think you did great on you first list. Can't wait to see some of your projects on this list!