Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood...Yorba Linda

Diary of a Flutter.Kat
Today I am linking to Kat's blog. She has a great idea to take us on a blog tour around the world. Hop on over to her blog to see what everyone has to say about where they live.
1) Tell us about your home:
I live in Yorba Linda, California, USA. Yorba Linda is located in the O.C....Orange County, of television fame.

2) What is the weather like where you live?
We have what most people think is great weather. I would actually prefer a little more rain and less heat.

 Believe me, for the most part Orange County is nothing like the television show.  We have lived in our home for 26 years.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would ever live in the same home for this long. We live in a planned community of about 2200 homes, mostly single family homes with a few attached homes.
 3) What are some of your favourite places to visit or favourite things to do in & about your town/city. 
A planned community means we have a man made lake with duffy boats, paddle boats and kayaks we can use,

  three swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym, horse trails and planned events for holidays and such. We honestly do not take advantage of all that is offered in the association. Our house is not on the lake. When we moved here our boys were 2,5,8 and 10 years old. we wanted a bigger yard instead of a man made lake in our backyard. It is lovely to take my morning walk around the lake everyday...I just need to get back to exercising!

the adult pool

the gym and olympic sized pool where Mr. R and I swim our laps in the spring and summer
Yorba Linda is known as a bedroom community, which means it is a great place to live but there is absolutely nothing to do here. The nice thing is we are only 30 minutes from beach
Newport Beach
60 minutes from downtown Los Angeles
 and Hollywood 

90 minutes from the desert
Joshua Tree National Park
and 2 hours from the mountains

Big Bear Lake
4) How do most people travel around your town/city?
Most people drive around town. There is not a good public transportation system so we rely on our cars to get us everywhere. We can walk to the grocery store and a few small shops, but we usually travel by car.

5) Is there a type of food that would be quintessential to where you live?

We are very lucky to live in an area where there is great agriculture. Orange County was a huge farming community and local strawberries are still the best you will ever taste. We can get fresh fruits and vegetables all year long and what we don't grown we can buy at the local markets and farmer's markets.
California has a huge Mexican and Asian population, so Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine are plentiful. The food trucks are the latest craze, especially in downtown Los Angeles.
I hope you have enjoyed this little installment in the Nosey Parker series. I'm excited to see what Kat has planned for other Nosey Neighbor questions in her series.

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Annabella said...

That was a great tour Di and love the facilities you have on your doorstep and all the yummy food. Kept it quiet that you lived in a `bedroom` community Di...

Jamie Lee said...

I loved the photos in your post! It made me a little homesick for Temecula where I lived for 3 years while in the Navy. Luckily I have family in Anaheim so I can get a "California" fix when I visit:)

Lovely tour!

Deanna said...

Oh, to live in an always warm place... Sigh, we're having an early winter blizzard here now. By the pictures I think I would like to come and live with you. Permanently.

Toni said...

Great post! It is so interesting to see where everyone else lives, even those who live in the same country. Yorba Linda looks beautiful! I would love to have such a pretty lake in my neighborhood, just maybe not 2200 other homes! Thanks for the tour!

Flying Blind... said...

I think I better stop reading these posts as I feel like I need to move house/County/Country with each one I see!

Looks wonderful!

susan said...

Great peek into your neighbourhood, Di. I know you would like more rain but I would be happy with that weather chart! If I wanted snow then I could just sneak off to the mountains for a quick fix.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Wow what a gorgeous place to live! I would have been close by to your neighbourhood at one stage then because I went on holiday to LA once & too a drive to and from Arizona from there.
I can't stop thinking & relating this to the "real desperate housewifes of OC" though HAHAHA!

Katy Cameron said...

Thanks for sharing! I've never heard of a planned community before, but it does look like a great concept. Bedroom community though, are you sure it's not like the OC on the TV? ;o)

randi said...

i grew up in anaheim, and my hubs and i lived in corona before we moved out of cali about 15 years ago. whenever we visit i am so surprised that corona pretty much reaches yorba linda now. there used to be a 10-15 mile gap in there!

Janet said...

I never have thought I would want to live in a planned community but yours looks rather lovely. I mean I have a lake but it isn't right at my back door and I don't have a swimming pool. It is amazing how we plunk somewhere and there we stay isn't it? Then others move constantly..... Thanks so much for showing us your wonderful home.

Geri Centonze said...

I never heard the expression bedroom community. Guess you could say that about most suburbs though.

H2Ogirl said...

What a grand post. I'm originally from Big Bear Lake!

quiltzyx said...

I was at Calico House quilt shop today - not too far from you I think!
Your neighborhood looks wonderful - thanks for the tour. :D