Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinwheels for Baby Carrot

I am so happy to say that I have finished the Baby Carrot quilt. If you are new here and are wondering what a baby carrot quilt is you can read my posts here, here and here.
The original idea came to me when I participated in my first bee block for the New Bee on the Block in July. The cute pinwheel block was fun to make

and I had lot of cute little girl fabrics left over from making birthday skirts, embellished t-shirts and bags for my granddaughters.

I added a few more bright and colorful fabrics to make a total of 16 pinwheel blocks.
I am pretty excited about this quilt. It is my first time to try free motion quilting. It was just like jumping off the diving board for the first time.

That little voice in my head was saying "jump, jump". My knees were shaking and I was so scared, but I just took a chance and did it.
I hand quilted around each pinwheel and did three rows of straight line machine quilting in each strip of sashing.
 Inside each pinwheel I did some swirly squiggles and a spiral. The stitches are not even but I didn't get one pucker on the back and for that I am very proud.
 My free motion quilting can only improve from here because I started at the very bottom. But, unless you are looking real close it looks great and I am so glad I took that leap and dove into this new chapter of quilt making. Just think, I saved at least $100 by doing this myself. I am pretty excited about that.
 I backed the quilt with the cute Who's in the Forest in yellow. The final quilt measures 60" square. It's a perfect playmat size for the baby and hopefully will keep her warm during walks in her stroller in chilly Pennsylvania.
The paper pieced carrot and personalized label were a special touch just for baby carrot.

I added her name after she was born using Staz On ink and rubber stamps. 

Welcome to the world Harper! I can't wait to meet you!
love, Aunt di

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Annabella said...

So so beautiful Di - I really love this quilt and well done for diving in the deep end - it feels good doesn`t it?

Susan Snooks said...

Oh your quilt is beautiful! Good on you for diving in! It wasn't as hard as you thought, was it? And no puckers!!! Fabulous! There will be no stopping you now!

Karen said...

I love the little bags you made. The quilt is awesome. The pinwheels are very colorful. What a wonderful gift. Your quilt is great. I have the same fear of free motion quilting.

Tiara said...

Way to go!

Lee said...

Beautiful quilt, so colorful and sweet! : )

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, that looks fab, well done you for diving into the FMQ, love the wee spirals

LuLu said...

It's so precious Diane! I always really worry about my FMQ'ing too but no one else ever seems to notce so don't worry :-) Also, could you please add my daughter to your list of girls to make amazing things for? I just love all of those bags, pretty tops and skirts!

Canadian Abroad said...

That quilt is perfect in every way, right down to the carrot label. It will be an heirloom for the family.

Cindy said...

I love baby carrot quilt! I love your detail work that you did. So much love is in this quilt Di.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Danny Heyen said...

Excellent! I love the quilt!

kinter said...

Di! I absolutely love it! That is just the sweetest pinwheel quilt. Lucky Harper and luck new Aunt!
thanks for linking @ This Week!