Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rainy Days and Applesauce

Just a quick post for today.
Imagine this...
you wake up on a rainy Sunday morning.
you go to breakfast at a diner, eat French toast and bacon with a steaming cup of coffee.
You come home and decide to rearrange your linen closet to make room for your fabric stash.

I still need to put these in color order.
Then you go grocery shopping and come home to a Pumpkin Spice scented candle burning in the house.
You and Mr.Romance decide to make applesauce with all the apples you picked a few weeks ago.
(Why do I have air bubbles in my applesauce?) #4 son already took a jar before this photo was taken.

So far it has been a great Sunday. You know those television commercials where you hear a record screech and everything stops? Well, all of a sudden our beautiful, relaxing Sunday changed. There is a horrible smell going through the house and we are reminded that we own (and love) a bulldog. Yep, Maddie farted and she just kept snoring and farting all afternoon!

We went to 5:30 mass and came home and made an easy dinner.
We found out our granddaughter scored 7 goals in 2 soccer games today. 
It was a great day.
How was your Sunday?
All photos were taken using Instagram. I figured since it was a dark and rainy day I wouldn't get good photos with the DSLR anyway.

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pcflamingo said...

Oh that made me laugh! My late husband and I used to have a big old bear of a German Shepherd, Max, who would emit what we called SBDs - Silent But Deadly farts. They were so bad, he would offend even himself. He'd look around, wrinkle up his nose and then get up and move!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Too funny x

Mrs A said...

hehe, our lovely ball of fluff is emanating some SBD's of her own lately, as bad as pcflamingo's !

Ellie said...

Ha that made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!!!

Annabella said...

Maddie may have gas issues but she`s still totally adorable! What a fabulous sounding Sunday!

Katy Cameron said...

ROFL, sounds like a fab day apart from the snoring and farting mutt ;o)

Linda said...


Could go for the applesauce! :-)

Danny Heyen said...

Haha! Our dogs do that too! Your applesauce looks great, by the way. I think I'll go to the store and get some!

Geri said...

3rd time's a charm (I just hate typos and I kept finding them in my comment) What a cute recap of your busy day! Sounds like fun. Since you asked how our Sundays goes. We slept in and Paul made my morning coffee since it was my birthday. I got to Skype with Nick's family and Megan's family. Went to lunch and invited Mom, but she declined (she's so busy at her new home!) Who knows how many more birthdays I'll have to celebrate with her! Out to dinner with Chris and Jessa and came home to a duet by Aunt Betty and Paul's Mom singing Happy Birthday on voice mail. It was a great day and nice to be remembered by so many people as I hit 57!