Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

This year Thanksgiving was a relaxing day with family and friends. We prepped for three days so that on the actual day Mr. R and I could enjoy our family and friends.
These photos show a brief recap of our day.

We were so glad our friends, the Werlins,  were able to stop by for appetizers (thanks Evan and Kyle for making the appetizers). We wish they could have stayed for dinner, too. Everyone helped in making the day a breeze. Thanks to Jenny for making the jell-o and to Jan, Jenny and Mr. R for your help with the mound of dishes. We even got to play a game of Balderdash.  The grandkids are finally old enough to be able to participate in the games and that made it a lot of fun.
Our Menu
Stuffed Boneless Turkey Breast Roll
Sausage and Bread Stuffing Muffins
Baked Mashed Potatoes
Creamed Corn
Peas and Mushrooms
Make Ahead Gravy
Home Cured Olives
Cranberry Orange Relish
Homemade Applesauce
Granny's Jello
Pumpkin Pie*
Three Apple Pie*

*I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe for the Turkey legs (disappointing), her recipe for the rolls was delicious. I added a note in each roll (wrapped in tin foil) asking "what are you thankful for, say something nice about someone at the table, etc.). I also used her pie crust recipe and it was so flaky and delicious. I will make it my go-to pie crust recipe from now on.
I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Now the Christmas rush is on...ready, set, sew....

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Ellie said...

Sounds and looks like you all had a great day. Your menu looks delicious. It obviously pays to plan and prepare ahead so that you can fully enjoy yourself. Well done!!!

Geri Centonze said...

Looks like a great day - I love the note in the rolls idea! How did that work out?

Katy Cameron said...

3 days prep? Wow, WTG you! It looks well worth it anyway :o)

susan said...

Looks like a brilliant day and the food looks delicious. So pleased it everything went so well.

Flying Blind... said...

What a tremendously lovely day that looked - Welcome to the Christmas panic!

Sara said...

yummy and yes the pie crust from Pioneer Woman is delightful!

Annabella said...

Beautiful mosaic Di - what a gorgeous family and you can feel the ambiance. Bad idea to look at your menu - I have Thanksgiving envy and could murder a cold turkey sandwich and a slice of pie. Yum.

aracne said...

Lovely post, I love the pictures, the menu and what you wrote. Sometimes I would like Thanksgiving to be our tradition too, sounds far more a family event than Christmas.

Dianne Neale said...

What a fantastic day - living abroad, we never get together like this with the whole family. Not that I could cope with hosting a get- together like this!