Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day...

This is a repeat post from last year. I only had 6 followers then. Thank you to all who have joined to follow me and thank you to our veterans.
It doesn't take much thought today to be grateful. I am so grateful for our men and women who have served our country through their unselfish loyalty to the military. I especially want to honor my dad, father-in-law, 6 uncles and numerous cousins and friends who have served in past wars and to all the brave men and women who are actively serving today, I say, "THANK YOU"!
It's a different world now and protecting our country and our allies is a true calling.
my dad, Carl Gozur 1943
4 of my mom's 5 brothers served in WWII

Paul's dad, Dick Stanley 1945
The 1947  high school graduate is my Uncle Al, who went to college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh
 and then  joined the Air Force. He was career military and retired as a full
My Uncle George also served in the Navy during WWII, but I cannot find a photo of him.
Our current news is baby carrot was born today! Yes, my great niece now has a name, Harper Ford Nowak, and the coolest birth date ever, 11/11/11 (also known as vertical day) and to top it off she was born at 11:11 am EST! Little Harper joins her big sister, who also has an unforgettable birth date, 10/10/08, and a proud mommy and daddy. Congratulations to the Nowak family.
So I decided to bite the bullet and attempted to FMQ the Baby Carrot quilt. I threw caution to the wind, went for it, said "what the heck", and just did it! My goal was not to make perfectly even stitches or an awesome pattern. My goal was to not have to rip any thing out and to do it without any puckers on the back. Mission accomplished! Like my husband says, "it's a quilt". The hand stitching around the pinwheels is almost finished. I machine quilted straight lines in the sashing and did squiggly swirls in the middle of each pinwheel. Yippee! I did it and I can only get better from here because it is terrible but I don't care because I didn't get any puckers on the back. This should be in the mail by next week.

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Annabella said...

Oh Baby Carrot is unbelievably adorable and what a cool birthday! Was she casaerian (sp?). She is simply adorable. Thanks for sharing again your post from last year - it`s lovely...and I shall always remember Mr. R`s wise words when I`m FMQing!

pcflamingo said...

Congratulations to Baby Carrot and family! And to you for your bravery in quilting adventures!

Cindy said...

Yeah......Harper is here. What a great date to be born on. You are doing a great job on the baby quilt. I hope one day Harper reads these posts about her before she was born. Congrats!
PS - nice post about your family veterans

Geri Centonze said...

Great repost of the Veterans! Love that pic of Dick Stanley. Harper's quilt is beautiful - you really outdid yourself on this one!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, congrats to your family, baby Harper is lovely, and what an amazing birthdate/time! The quilt looks lovely, well done for embracing it

Kate S. said...

Welcome to baby carrot - what a fun bday that is! And your FMQ looks great - and no puckers on the back is no small accomplishment, either. Way to go!

Dianne Neale said...

What an exciting day - fancy having such a cool birth date!

And the quilting is definitely NOT terrible. Well done - it looks great

LuLu said...

That little Harper should be called Lady Luck with that birth hour and date! How cool!

And your quilt is so cute too. I have been working on my FMQ'ing for some time and I have just used the motto that it all comes out in the wash. It may not look exactly the way you want it to but once it's washed you'll never even be able to tell.

And I looooove the hand stitching! I have been dying to try my hand at it but I still haven't given it a shot.