Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ten Thoughts on Thursday

1. Mr. Romance bought me this Fontanini Nativity set in 1988.

 2. I think we can fit a few more stockings on the banister, whenever we have more grandchildren.
 3. I like our new Costco tree.
 4. Cardinals have a special meaning to our family, so they are all over our tree.
 5. Why does it look like I have a mustache in this photo?

 6. My gardening angel is watching over me. Hopefully we'll have a better garden next year.

 7. My friend, Monika bought this for me in her hometown of Koln, Germany, a few years ago.
Someday we would like to go to Christmas Market in Koln.

8. I'm participating in Giveaway Day at Sew, Mama, Sew. Check out the blog and maybe you will decide to participate too.

 and here's what I am working on for it...
 9. This huge roll of Warm and White was delivered yesterday.
 10. I'm working on some Christmas pillows.
 ok, I lied, I have more than 10 things to tell you.

11. This is my new sewing space. I have taken over my mom's old room and it is huge and upstairs, so I never have to clean it up...just close the doors. After Christmas I will be organizing it and making a place for everything.
 12. I tried quilting like Malka Dubrawsky, in a circle, and I like it. That's a pocket on the front to hold something special.

13. I learned that this is the best glue to use when making a framed clutch.
 14. But I also learned, the hard way, to protect those little painted knobs. The glue melts the paint!

15. Here is a photo from Christmas 1966, with my parents, brother and sister. Today is the 11th anniversary of my dad's death. I still miss him.

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Susan Snooks said...

Lots of lovely thoughts there Di! Your Dad looked like a wonderful man. Your giveaway looks great! I'll be back! Not sure whether I will get something finished- we'll see!

Geri said...

A fun and interesting the New sewing space

Katy Cameron said...

Love all you 'things' but holy cr@p that's a lot of batting!

Canadian Abroad said...

At least you didn't have a mustache in the last photo!

It is hard missing people you love at this time of year. Thanks goodness for all the ones who are still here and by the look of all those stockings that are a lot here and hopefully more stockings to add over the years. It looks like you will be having a great Christmas.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post...thanks for sharing all those wonderful things

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Love your family picture- sorry for the loss of your dad.

Love your tree and your stockings and I grew up with a nativity set like that- wonder where that is?

The pillow looks great and I LOVE your new sewing space. Can't wait to see you fill it up with creativity.

Sara said...

I have been seeing those nativity sets lately--I want one badly!

Jennifer said...

Did you take advantage of joanne cyber weekend sale as well? I had a similar roll of warm and natural appear at my door last week! haha

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh my, look at your sassy mom!!
What a lot of things to show. Love to your family on this day xxx

Emily said...

My parents have the same nativity set - bought when they were first married... but we have two mary's since we kids lost one one year! :)

Also, did you know that crate & barrel sell feather pillow forms for pretty cheap? $8- $15 I just bought one there today and it seems pretty deluxe compared to the Joann's ones!

Heather D. said...

The Christmas pillow with the quilting a la Malka Dubrawsky is wonderful!!! I'm also a big fan of circular quilting.

The family photos from years gone by are lovely.

kinter said...

You house looks so pretty decorated for Christmas! And congrats on your new sewing space! Great to spread out in!

Karen O said...

I enjoyed your post very much. How nice to take the time to look around and notice these things, or think about them. Have a wonderful Christmas!