Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 20

There was a fun hash tag going around on Twitter and Instagram this week #notgoingtomarket. It was for all of us fabric geeks who wished we were at Quilt Market in Kansas City, where all the new lines of fabric are being displayed for the trade. If you are lucky enough to have a friend in the fabric/pattern/quilt trade you can go too. I'm hoping to go as Brigitte's guest next year.
It was fun to post what we were doing because we were #notgoingtomarket.

Since I wasn't going to market I made this quilt top using a jelly roll of Circa 1934 and Kona Khaki.
My sister and I cleaned out more of my mom's stuff and I found this old ID pin from 1944. She said that when she and dad got married, in 1948, she had to quit her job. Something about the union and being married... can you imagine that happening now?
I took some progress photos of the garden. The hydrangeas are starting to bloom and the blueing agent worked on one of the pots.
The squash is starting to grow and flower. I am having a big problem with the pill bugs eating the squash plant starts. Does anyone know how to get rid of the little critters?
The beans are growing and I planted the next phase. I like to plant a few rows every 2-3 weeks so we can enjoy fresh green beans all summer long. 
The first big tomato is growing. This one is called Ananas Noire, which is French for black pineapple.

I actually cut into my Flea Market Fancy stash and made a project for my upcoming post on the Summer Sewing Contest blog hop at Ellison Lane. Make sure to come back on May 30th and see what this turns out to be.

And the best thing about not going to market was that I got to recreate this photo from the 1990 baptism of my goddaughter, Shelby. hold down the laughter, I know, the hair, the glasses, the earrings, wow, right?

Here we are twenty two years later, Shelby graduated from University and we celebrated at her parent's home with a lovely party. That's her Uncle Cameron, the godfather! you can laugh that he has no hair, we all do!

I'm off to see #1 son and his family for a few days. I can't wait to see them.
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Canadian Abroad said...

You don't look any older!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie McRazie said...

I laugh when I look at the pics of me with the big POOF!! Hey we all looked great! he he! I think that the pics are great!!

**nicke... said...

i loved this post! xoxo

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Yay for the 'right' weekend to party ;)

Your mum looked great! (Well she still does!) x

Susan Snooks said...

I had a curly perm and glasses like that( mine were bright blue) back in the eighties!! Very cool! Love the jelly roll top!

Katy Cameron said...

Huh, all I got to do not going to market was deep clean the flat lol. Still looks like you were having fun (and Susan's right, you don't look any older!) Funnily enough though, my gran was saying about giving up her job as soon as she was married today, although she went back to work when my mum was little. I'm not sure why she quit, because she and my papa worked in totally different industries.

Leanne said...

You both have the same beautiful smiles and it is true you don't look older. Your quilt looks great by the way.

Betty said...

You look great - are you kidding??!! Seriously. SO, about that quilt top you made - love the fabric - am wondering what pattern you used - looks like just the right balance of color (the jelly roll() and khaki. Would you share the name of the pattern, please? :)