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Vacation Story, 1981

Do you follow Karen at Sew Many Ways? She blogs about a lot of interesting things and always has great do it yourself projects on her blog.
The other day she shared a vacation story from years ago when her girls were younger and it reminded me of our vacation challenges from 1981. I thought you might get a good laugh from this story.
My sister lived in the Cayman Islands from 1976-1997. During that time we visited the island several times. We would either stay at the Holiday Inn where her then husband, The Barefoot Man, was an entertainer. We got a great employee discount rate or we would visit when she and her family were off the island and stay in their home.This story is from the year we stayed in their home.
It was November and we arrived to beautiful, sunny weather and had 2 days of wonderful beach fun with the boys.

There's nothing better than floating on a raft on 7 Mile Beach. The warm water lapping at your feet.
But then the skies opened up and we had 2 days of non-stop rain. We decided we couldn't stay cooped up in my sister's house with these three rambunctious boys, so I called the airline and bought tickets to Orlando, where we found a cheap motel and stayed for three days enjoying Walt Disney World. So far this vacation is going well until it is time to return to Los Angeles.

Evan was afraid of every character

Originally we flew Los Angeles to Miami and on to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. When it came time to return home I called the airline and asked if we could use our tickets to fly from Orlando to Los Angeles, instead of having to go through Miami. Now remember, this is 1981 when the airlines were much more flexible and there were no change fees or anything. The ticket agent on the phone said there would be no problem and so we arrived for our flight back to LAX. "No', said the agent, as I held our sleeping 19 month old in my arms, "you have to buy a ticket to Miami and use your ticket from there to get back to LAX". As Paul tried to negotiate with the agent, Brent (age 6) and Michael (age 4) starting running and playing on the conveyor belts where you check in the luggage. They were having a grand time and they were yelling and giggling quite loudly, too. After 20 minutes of arguing with the agent and the boys driving him batty (and me crying) the agent said, "Take your bratty kids and get your asses on the plane, and don't say I said it was ok". He handed us our boarding passes and we boarded the plane and flew home. Can you imagine this whole scenario now? We would probably be behind bars for tampering with airport equipment, child endangerment and a number of other offenses.

Do you have a funny vacation story? I'd love to hear it.
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Katy Cameron said...

I always knew you raised little rebels ;o)

Susan Snooks said...

I'm still thinking of you a) holidaying in the Cayman Islands b) then jumping on a plane to Disneyworld!!! That seems a million miles from us here down under! We spent a week of our precious summer holiday one year cooped up inside in less than summery weather with two little boys! No plan B, I'm afraid! They were glad to get home to their own beds and toys!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

WOW, yes, very interesting. You were lucky the boys didn't behave :)))Thanks for sharing the story Diane! :)

Marla's Crafts said...

Yes we took our ten year old grand daughter on our vaction this year. We did the Noreweign Epic. We took her on a excertion and from the caterman her and I swan to the beach. My husband stayed behind as he doesn't swim that well. As I got to shore first and she was not far behind I looked around and realized it was a nude beach. I turned around and Lauren just make it to shore. She stood up and just then a 350lb women took her bathing suit top off. Lauren's mouth fell open. I told her to close her mouth and we headed back to the boat. She couldn't wait to tell her granfather. It will be a memory that we will laugh at for a long time.

Dianne Neale said...

Great move to let the children go wild! And tears often help too, but don't say I said that!

Annabella said...

That`s hilarious Di - I hope what he said was followed by `have a nice day!`

Geri said...

I don't remember a funny vacation story...just a lot of scary ones like the boat ride when we were salmon fishing and we hit that huge swell and Dad wouldn't let us look back to see the ocean rising behind us!