Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 39

This has been such a rewarding week, the highlight of which was having my brother fly in from Ohio to surprise my mom. 

We were able to take him to The Ranch (dark photo) where we enjoyed a delicious dinner with lovely surprises sent out by chef Evan.  

Then we went into the Saloon to watch the country dancers. 

I wish we lived closer to each other.

I have really enjoyed spending time with him and getting caught up on his life. 7 years is way to long to let pass without seeing each other. I'm not going to let that happen again.

When I wasn't spending time with Rick I was making things with the apples we picked last week.
First was applesauce.

I also made apple pies to put in the freezer to bake later in the fall when Mr. Romance is craving his favorite pie.

Seven hours standing on my feet in the kitchen did a number on my back and I was down for the count after this all day apple cooking marathon. 

I picked fabrics for my Mouthy Stitches swap partner. She needs to let me know which pile of fabric she prefers. I think I got her tastes down pretty well. After I get a fabric approval, I will start designing the tote I am going to make her.

I am also making some Quilt Market samples and kits with my friend Brigitte's new fabric. You are going to love her new line called Comma for Moda. Here's a sneaky peek of a few of the fabrics.

And a little mommy bragging. Our son did a photo shoot for a clothing line and I think the photos are stunning.

I hope you have had a great week.

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Susan Snooks said...

You are a handsome family! I love the MS fabrics..just my colours! I hope your back is rested and recovering!

Katy Cameron said...

I'm so glad you had such a fab time with your brother, and that he could surprise your mum like that :o)

Hope you're back feels better today, and I still think you should have sent those boys off round the world with your strip ;o)

Canadian Abroad said...

Eeeeek! You are showing off my apple thingy that I want. Jealous! So pleased you had a great visit with your brother and stunning photos of your son!

Annabella said...

Oh my goodness your sons are so...gorgeous! Gutted though as I gave my approval to your fabrics yesterday and so I don't think they're for me :-((((( Looks a perfect week and glad Mr.R got his favourite pie. One thing I've learned from IG is that he likes his food!

Carla said...

Lovely surprise! I need to get on the apple train soon ; )

Geri said...

Love the hugging pic of Mom and Rick - what a fun moment that was. Yes...7 years is way too long! The apple pie looks yummy!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh the genes are really strong on your side of the family eh!?
Looks like a week to be really happy about xxx

Chase said...

It is great to see the family and I haven't seen mine for almost 2 years now. I wish live closer with my family as well!! Have great time and moments.. x

Marcia R said...

Your beautiful son looks just like your brother! I'm glad you've had a fun week! Can you please call me when you bake that pie?

Leanne said...

Wow, your family is totally amazing. Your mom is just glowing, how nice of you all to be together!