Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomatoes 101, Tasting

This is a long overdue post. 
I am mostly doing this for my own benefit so I can remember which tomatoes were a hit in the garden this year and which ones to pass on planting again next year.

Italian Heirloom

This plant produced large, meaty tomatoes with an almost heart shape.
They were very tasty but did not yield a lot of fruit per plant.

Pineapple Heirloom

Although this tomato is beautiful to look at
it was bland in flavor and had little meat and too many seeds.
Unfortunately, it produces a heavy yield.

Coustralee Heirloom

This tomato is medium in size, but very meaty and super delicious.

Ananas Noire Heirloom

This super meaty tomato is heavy for it's medium to large size.
It is acidic and has few seeds.

Yellow Pear

This one is the favorite of my grandchildren.
They eat them like candy, straight from the vine.
They are super sweet and are delicious in a salad or just as a snack.

Green Zebra Heirloom

This is probably one of my favorite tomatoes to plant and to eat.
It is small and meaty with a tart flavor.
It is so pretty with it's stripes of green to dark yellow/orange
and makes a lovely addition to my favorite Caprese salad.
It produces lots and lots of tomatoes that are about 3 inches in size.

Caprese Salad

Ace Heirloom

A large fruit with yellow, green and red striations.
Extremely good, meaty and a heavy producer.

German Orange Strawberry Heirloom

This tomato vine produced my largest tomato this year at 20.3 ounces
You can see it is a deep yellow, extremely meaty and has few seeds.
The skin is thin and it was an all around hit; sweet and acidic at the same time.

Box Car Willie

This medium, seedy tomato was a disappointment. 
It tastes like a grocery store tomato. Blah!

Red Zebra Heirloom

Similar to the Green Zebra Heirloom this tomato is a great one
to use in the Caprese Salad. Although it has a lot of seeds
it is extremely tasty and meaty too.
Small in size but it produces lots and lots of tomatoes.

White Cherry 

I would wager to say this tomato plant was mis-marked. 
There is nothing white about this tomato
but whatever it was it was delicious.
Sweet and a heavy producer.
Great for salads and snacks.


Dianne Neale said...

From one tomato grower to another, this is really interesting. I will see if I can get hold of the seeds here in Europe. That caprese salad looks good.

Annabella said...

Oh my, that salad looks good. Thanks for the virtual tomato (you say tomayto, I say tomarto) tasting!

Canadian Abroad said...

Great run down. Makes me want to try growing tomatoes again despite the complete disaster last year!

Cindy said...

You really do know your tomatoes! The caprese salad is a favorite of mine!

Leanne said...

Ok, now I am hungry for a tomato salad and want to move to your house. Those are all so pretty and it sounds like only a few that were less than stellar.

Geri said...

Coustralee Heirloom looks like it would be my favorite

JustPam said...

Thanks for this. You don't happen to save your seeds and have any to share, do you? I would be willing to send you a self addressed envelope. I only saved two different seeds this year and wasn't that impressed with either. A couple of my heirlooms were disappointments.

Holli said...

What a great post (I enjoy all your posts)! I love tomatoes!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

OK, I have never seen so many tomatoes!