Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shopping Can Be Hazardous

After two days spent in the mall, the majority of our Christmas shopping  is finished.

this was Tuesday's purchases and deliveries

Carrying these heavy bags through the mall caused me to 
do something to my arm.
I think I pinched a nerve.
It hurts.
So I have been icing it in between sewing sessions.

This afternoon I met my BFF to celebrate her birthday.
I had bought her a blouse but wanted something more and could not find what I wanted.
So I made her this beach bag.

She and her family are spending Christmas in Hawaii this year,
so I threw in some sunscreen, lip balm and a few paper back books.
This is the second Multi-Tasker tote by Anna Maria Horner that I have made.
Good thing I had my seam ripper handy,
because I made the same mistake on this one that I did on the other.
Luckily, it was an easy fix,
but before you make this pattern read and then re-read the instructions
before sewing.

Now back to icing my arm.


Susan Snooks said...

Oh, be careful of your shoulder! I hurt mine about three months ago and it turned out to be a frozen shoulder! I'm about to head off for my fourth (and last) sport's massage! Hopefully that will finally fix it! Your beach bag looks very.... 'beachy'!

Rachel said...

Great bag! Hope your arm feels better!

Dianne Neale said...

Who'd have thought - a shopping injury!

Canadian Abroad said...

Hope your arm is back to fighting fit in double quick time. Love the idea of the bag with all the beach goodies in it. You give the best presents!

Lynz said...

Oh no, I hope your arm mends soon! Beautiful tote and a lovely, thoughtful gift - what a great friend!

Jennifer said...

I just got really excited when I read that because I thought it said YOU were visiting Hawaii, shucks! I'm sorry to hear about your arm! Rest up, and hope it's feeling better very soon! Gorgeous bag, i'm looking for one for my future mother in law with side pockets like this..

Katy Cameron said...

Yowie, I'd always suspected shopping was bad for your health! Hope the arm feels better soon. Great idea for the bag though :o)

Brooklyn said...
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LuLu said...

Shopping is not for the weak! I wish I had all of those boxes sitting in my entry way right now :-) That bag is darling! She will love all of the goodies inside. Speaking of paper back's....what are you reading/listening to right now? I really need something new.

suemac said...

Such a cute bag. I just made three drawstring bags yesterday from the tut by In Color Order. Only have to do the drawstrings tonight. Last minute Christmas gifts.

Cindy Sharp said...

Very fun bag! Sorry about your arm. December is such a dangerous month.

Carla said...

Love all those stockings. Take care of yourself : )

Geri said...

Sorry to hear about your arm Di! Seems we can't move anymore and we get hurt - it stuck getting old ha ha!
The bag is darling as KF would say!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Great bag. I really hope your arm recovers soon xxx

Leanne said...

Wow, extreme shopping with injuries! The bag is lovely, you are a good friend to make it while on the injured list.