Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Fall 2013

4x5 Bee Fall Hive 4

2013 4x5 bee fall hive 4

4x5 bee 2013

I participated in 2 rounds of the 4x5 bee in 2013. This is a fun bee because you make 6 of the same blocks in your hive mates color choices and one for yourself. I have been on a "colors of the sea" kick for a while so that is what I chose for my color scheme.
I sent off my blocks in early December and received my last block earlier this week.

I have 12 blocks so far. I think I will go another round or two in this bee so I can get enough blocks for a good sized lap quilt. I was lucky enough to be in two good groups, so why not go for another round?

Sorry for the dull photos. It's been overcast, but no rain in Southern California. We need rain.


Canadian Abroad said...

If you already know you are in good groups then you have nothing to lose. The blocks are gorgeous.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You want rain, we have more than enough over here to share, please take some!
Lovely blocks xxx

Annabella said...

I love the palette for your blocks - I say go for it.

Katy Cameron said...

Love where this is going, keep at it I say! And I'm with Hadders on sharing our rain!

sukie said...

Great blocks you got there!! I love that group (but I'm a little biased)

Unknown said...

Wow these are awesome! I still haven't worked up the courage to join a bee :)