Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pack Patch Mini Quilt Along

I have resisted joining any quilt alongs with all the confusion of the construction going on in my house, but Chase's easy and thought provoking post had me intrigued.
What could be easier than 2 mini 12 patch blocks a week? ANd they are all made using fabric from my scrap bins. Each week she posts a theme for the two blocks.

The first week's themes were (copied from Chase's Flickr post)
1) My True Colors:
We likely use similar colors often in our sewing projects, quilts, anything that grab our eye! But this theme is not for grab "my eye" kind! Can you use two colors that express who you really are in person?
I chose these two fabrics for the prints as well as their colors. I like to think I am a happy person and the pink and aqua do make me feel happy.
True Colors

2) My Favorite Colors:
What are two of your favorite colors? Or colors that you seem use frequently? Colors that your friends, quilt friends, sewing friends see you in? 
For my favorite colors I had to go with Aqua and mustard. I am so drawn to this mustard color and this print is a perfect example of one of my favorite fabrics, too.I have used the aqua print from Bonnie and Camille's Marmalade line numerous times in various projects.

Favorite Colors
The second week's themes are also copied from the Flickr post:
1) April Shower:
Gosh, Is it really April? We woke up with icy road and 2” snow on the ground early this week. I love how we live in different part of the Earth; northern sphere, southern sphere or close to the equator. We experience the season differently. Some of you might be in t-shirts all year long, some of you might be starting winter season, and some of you might just start the spring season. Can you use two colors and tell us a little bit about the place you are in the month of April? 
This one was really fun. April Showers don't happen very often in Southern California, but April definitely means it's garden planting time for me. I chose brown for dirt and green for the tiny plants that will emerge from the seeds and young seedlings planted.

April Showers
2) Brings May Flowers: 
After typical April Shower, maybe for some of you. What would you predict the month of May would look like? Can you use One WARM (red, yellow, orange) color and one COLD (green, blue, purple) color to make to your prediction? You may vary the hues. Such as using pink (Red+ white), using brown (orange +black). Aqua, Teal, for COLD color, etc. BUT! Try to use different prints for you quilt along blocks! You’ll be surprised when you finish your blocks. 
It's all about the hydrangeas that we have potted and growing on our patio. I work very hard to get the pink blooms to turn a beautiful blue/periwinkle color by using Aluminum Sulfate to fertilize them. Fingers crossed it works this year, too.

Bring May Flowers

There you have my first two weeks of the Pack Patch Mini QAL. It's a fun and easy project. I can't wait to see what Chase has in store for us. Her creativity and unique use of tiny piecing always fascinates me.


suemac said...

How creative to have a theme.

Dianne Neale said...

I agree, those first two blocks are very you! Good luck with all those tiny squares

Susan Snooks said...

This looks like a QAL fun! I love the May flowers and the facts that Hydrangeas can be mauve, blue or pink!

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

These are very cute, love the themes!

Linda Coleman said...

love the fabrics you used Diane. I've also joined this QAL as it's managable to make the two small blocks each week.

Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, looking forward to seeing what these all turn into :o)

Leanne said...

I am totally in, today I am going to make some blocks too.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Damn you and Svetlana, now I want to join in!!!
Love your choices xxx

Annabella said...

Me too! I like how the creativity comes in the fabric and colour selection even though the block is simple. I would have chosen the same colours for you and your second block. A lovely post.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

What a fun qal. The blocks are so pretty and I love the mustard colour too!