Saturday, May 3, 2014

Barn Quilt

As I get ready to clean up my sewing for a few weeks I wanted to make sure I made Cindy's block for the Stitch Tease Bee. She asked for a barn quilt block, following one of two tutorials by Lori of  Bee In My Bonnet.
I chose to make this block to decorate the side of my barn. I wish I knew the name of the block, but I don't.
I chose to make an orange barn with a brown roof. Cindy said anything goes in the color department.

Barn Quilt Block

These blocks are really fun and come together easily. Lori's instructions are perfectly easy to follow. Cindy is going to have a really cute quilt when they are all finished.

This space might be a little quiet or it might be filled with more non-sewing information than is normal. But, as long as I don't go through a major sewing withdrawl depression I'll see you again soon. And, I will soon have a new bathroom and wood floors to show you all. I can't wait until the construction mess is over and done with and I can have a clean house again.


suemac said...

I love the colors you chose.

Leanne said...

New wood floors are fantastic, I hope your renos are fast and straightforward. I love the barn block, what fun.

Unknown said...

These blocks are so fun. I can't wait to see Cindy's finished quilt. I've got to get to work on my block!