Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Still May

It's still May in the western USA. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would finish my May bee commitments and swaps. I had packed away my sewing while we were remodeling and then I was really sick for  about 2 weeks. This week I managed to get my act together and get on with it.
The first thing I did was mail Cindy her barn block for the Stitch Tease bee. I finished it before I packed away my sewing room and then never mailed it. Hopefully it is in her hands by now.
Barn Quilt Block
Next up was to make two spiderweb blocks for Clara in the Modern Stitching bee. These blocks take a really long time, but are so pretty when finished. I am sure when Clara receives her blocks she will have a beautiful quilt to put together. This is my second time making these blocks for a bee and thanks to Sarah's perfect tutorial, I was able to get them finished this week.

I also found time to get caught up with Chase's QAL. This is a really fun exercise in color and fabric choices and the blocks come together super fast.
Week 5 prompts were "time spent with mom and dad" and "time spent with the kids".
For time spent with mom and dad I focused on my mom's incredible talent to put a beautiful meal on the table each night and my dad's favorite bird, the cardinal. I chose to use shades of red to represent the blood that makes us family.
For time spent with the kids I used blue prints with cars, trucks and rockets on them to represent raising our four sons.
Week 6 was a fun one. "the sewing room" and "laundry day".
Since I have been working on getting my sewing room put back together in it's newly painted space I used 4 different aqua prints to represent the wall color. I'm slowly getting things put away, but I am trying to destash as I go so it's taking a long time.
For laundry day we were to use circle prints, so I chose a yellow print to represent the sun and a green print to represent the garden, where I love to hang my laundry for that fresh scent of the outside.

I also finished a Handmade Birthday Club gift for Rebecca @sewpixie on Instagram. I'll show you once she has received it. I will be sending it to her on Monday...only a few days late for her May birth month.

Lastly, we are almost finished refinishing the huge piece of furniture in our dining room. I'll tell you this, my shoulders are getting quite a work out with all the sanding and waxing involved with Chalk Paint refinishing. I am hoping we can have it DONE tomorrow.

I will be so glad not to have workers in my house, but the painter still has at least a week of work left to do. I can't wait to show you photos of the bathroom remodel and my finished sewing space. The new floors are in and I don't think the dust and chemicals helped with our illness, but the floors sure are pretty.


Live a Colorful Life said...

Did you sand before using Annie Sloan paint? I thought you didn't to do prep. Although having used it on a couple projects the jury is still out on whether I like it or not. What are your thoughts ?

Leanne said...

I can see it is looking great already. I still have those spider web blocks to do, I need to get down to it, May is only going to last a few more hours.

Canadian Abroad said...

Wow! When you get sewing again, you really get going, while still accomplishing so many other things. Gorgeous blocks.

Debbie said...

boy you have had quite a month! Hopefully June will be less eventful in a good way!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Proof, it needed, that you are amazing!

Annabella said...

You've done so well to be all caught up. Enjoy your lovely new sewing space Di.

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, well done you! I have managed to get mine done in the month, but not got to the PO yet *sigh*

OPQuilt said...

Fun to read about all your blocks.

My SIL and brother remodeled their house (extensive: pushing out walls, rebuilding rooms, etc.) and my brother joked that they should have just put the workers up at their house, as they were there so much! I totally empathize with your chaos and remodeling.

On another note, your sewing room is really looking good. I need to do a major clean out and destash--you inspire me!


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Thank you so much, I love my blocks and look forward to putting them all together!!