Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recital Time

I have loved seeing the photos on Instagram of everyone's children in their dance recital costumes. They are all so cute. I have such fond memories of all the dance recitals our son performed in from the age of 6 to 13...and then all the other performances he did in junior high and high school. He's still a great dancer. In fact, Dance Downtown {a Los Angeles Summertime event} used a photo of he and his fiancé from last year as their advertisement this year.

I got a little side tracked there for a minute. This last weekend, we made a quick trip to Arizona to see our granddaughters dance in their dance recital. On the way I worked on my socks using jawbreaker self striping yarn.
We arrived on Friday just in time to see Davis getting ready. There is a special hair-do that she has to wear each time. She is on the performing team for her dance company.
And there is make-up to apply.

She definitely got the performing gene. She's a natural on stage.
Sam and Jack are just happy to be able to play video games while their sisters are primping. We got to take these two to dinner, while their sisters went to their first show.
We had super hot weather. 107'F during the day and it "cooled down" to 93'F at 9:30 at night!
The next morning it was time to do all the primping all over again, times two this time. My daughter-in-law is the most organized person I know and can get things done in such an organized manner. This morning we all got to see the show.
They did so great and remembered all their dance steps.
But to tell the truth, I shed a few tears watching Olivia. How cute is she?

After the morning show, we went to lunch while Davis performed in one more show. Our little diva with her bouquet from Papa and Bubbi.

I finished that sock

and started the second one.

The weekend went by way too fast, but we are so glad we got to see Davis and Olivia's {first} dance recital and to spend time with the boys.


Susan Snooks said...

Those girls are incredibly cute! I love the little red, white and blue costume! Are they made especially for them?

Leanne said...

They are incredibly cute, all four.

Debbie said...

How fun! Sounds like the best kind of weekend!

Canadian Abroad said...

Dance recitals are great. They always make me cry.

Geri said...

What a fun weekend - love the pics!

Katy Cameron said...

Yeesh, I'd melt in that heat, never mind dance in it! Glad you got to see them all though :o)