Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Finish-a-Long, Quarter 2

My Quarter 2 Finish Along list was not long. 
I am writing a quick post to show that I have finished three of the four things on my list.
The first was a quilt for my very dear friend, LaVonne.
Fig Tree Fabric quilt
I am happy to say this quilt was finished and gifted just before Mother's Day. Right after that, LaVonne, who is 93 this week, fell and has been hospitalized and in rehab, getting stronger every day. I hope this quilt is bringing her some comfort as she recouperates.
China Tea Cups Quilt

Next up was a quilt I was making for Lemonade International. This is a charity I found through my friend, Valerie. It helps children living in a safe house in Guatemala.
briar rose fabric
Another finish and it's living happily in Guatemala.
Pink Lemonade
Next up is my Selvage Block Along quilt. I have about 12 more blocks to make and then I will decide on a layout and start sewing the blocks together. This is one I really want to finish, but since it does not have a deadline I keep pushing it aside.
Unfortunately, no progress was made on this quilt.
selvage quilt blocks
These socks are for my secret Post Sew South partner. I have one sock finished and have turned the heel on the second sock, so I am pretty sure I will make the May 1, mailing date.

madelinetosh yarn knit socks
These socks were finished and gifted.

for Dana 

This is my project that will not count on the Finish-A-Long, but it is one that will take away a lot of my sewing time. This is most of my stash, packed away while we have a bathroom remodeled and then get ready for new floors to be installed and the interior walls to be painted. By the time the Finish-A-Long Q2 wraps up, this should all be back in my sewing room. 
my fabric stash
Almost everything has been put in it's place except a few bins still hidden in the closet and some destash that I need to work on. Here's a little tour.
Finish Along 2014


Leanne said...

Your sewing room is lovely! I sure love your floors.

Geri said...

All beautiful!

gpc said...

Lovely projects, and I am always just blown away by your socks! Your sewing room is fabulous. I would never want to leave! I might even learn to do a better job sewing. :)

Canadian Abroad said...

I've got sewing room and fabric envy. What a great space, Di. Love the finishes you have as well.

Katy Cameron said...

Well done :o)

Debbie said...

I think you had a really successful quarter!