Monday, July 21, 2014

July Birthday Gifts

A few weeks ago my friend, Angela, {Cut to Pieces}, posted a photo on Instagram and said her birthday was coming up in July. She loves birthday gifts almost as much as me and she was envious of all the Handmade Birthday Club posts going through Instagram, so I asked her if she wanted to do a private swap. She said YES, and also started her own birthday club. July is the month of Me and Angela, so here is what I sent off to her.

Her main gift was a Date Night Clutch, made with my pattern available on Craftsy. I made her clutch exactly like one I have made myself. I love the matchstick quilting on the denim and the Juggling Summer lining. It's amazing how well this clutch goes with everything.

I know that another gift has been received but Sarah is out of town for work so hasn't opened it yet. 
Meanwhile, my gifts have started to arrive, but I think I will wait and do a seperate post about all the lovely things I have been receiving.


Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Di! That is a lovely package you sent off too.

Valerie said...

Happy birthday! What a great idea -so fun to have and give homemade goodies!

Katy Cameron said...

Great swapsies! Lovely idea to create your own mini birthday club :o)