Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Story of Me, a Mini Quilt

Last spring, Chase {1/4" Mark Blog}, started a fun mini quilt-along. Each week had a theme and we were to interpret each prompt by using our scraps of fabric. I must admit, I cheated a couple of times and actually cut from stash instead of using scraps. The themes were:

I blogged about most of my blocks and the reasons I chose the fabrics I used for them . If you haven't already read the blog posts,  you can click the links above.

The final quilt will be added to my mini wall. I sashed it with Kona white and quilted it in a one inch grid with white Auriful 50wt. thread.

Backed with Britten Nummers from IKEA and bound with the mini black and white stripe from Lecien. 

This is one more finish on my 3rd Quarter Finish Along. 

Finish Along 2014


Susan Snooks said...

I can just imagine this on your wall- very graphic and striking! And the black and white striped binding is perfect!

Lisa C said...

I just finished making my first mini for my wall with fabric that I really like but I've yet to put it up. Somehow just because I like the fabric isn't enough to hang it. However, your mini is truly a story (much like your trip around the world quilt). So now I know I need to wait until something "tells" me something and then make it into a mini. Great finish.

Julie said...

Can we see a photo of your quilt wall, pretty please!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I love it xxx

Annabella said...

I love this quilt on so many levels - who knew that such a simple block could have such an impact visually and in meaning. One of my favourites this.

Alice in WV said...

What a fun and pretty little quilt! I've been watching your progress on it. I love how each block has a special meaning. This would be a fun quilt-along to do as a group.

OPQuilt said...

(I second Julie's comment on seeing your minis all arrayed together on your wall!)

I really like this little quilt. Instead of the usual even numbered grid block, you really caught my eye and attention with the uneven grid block--a real home run! I'm a sucker for quilts sashed in white, so of course I love that part, and also stripey bindings also make me swoon--love the whole thing!


Katy Cameron said...

Lovely, and congrats on the finish!