Friday, January 23, 2015

Handmade Birthday Club...On the Receiving End

Last year I was a member of the Handmade Birthday Club. As the year progressed, I shared the gifts I had sent each month to the birthday girls, but I never shared the gifts I received. Here they are all together in one mosaic. Unfortunately, I was in a group where two people flaked out. To be honest, it was quite disappointing, especially since I had sent their gifts on time. I guess it's a good eye opener when signing up for a year long swap to consider that there might be some who do not keep their promises.
I received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts; how could anyone not love all these beautifully handmade gifts?

Gifts pictured are from:
Tammy {Karamat Sews}
Sarah {Stitching and Bacon}
Karen {@Savinggrc on Instagram}
Sarah {Pheasant Press}
Courtney {Mon Petit Lyons}
Lee {May Chappell}
Rebecca {Sew Pixie}
Diane {From Blank Pages}
Susannah Kate {@Susannahkate_Sews on Instagram}

I also joined in a private birthday swap with Angela, {Cut to Pieces}. I made her a clutch and added some extras.

Birthday gift for Angela

Angela made me this fantastic notions hoop and sent all kinds of extra goodies. I use that vegetable brush almost every day.


Lisa C said...

You received some awesome presents. Those chalkboard labels you gave were cool! I am sorry people flaked out on you. I have little time to sew and I hesitate to join swaps for that very reason. I've had it happen in just fat quarter swaps. If they won't even send a promised fat quarter, what does that say? All in all I know there are wonderful people out there -- proved by your gifts. (Oh, please use the yarn soon because I can just see you making socks!)

Geri said...

Lovely gifts - too bad about the flakes! I especially love those potholders right in the middle!

Katy Cameron said...

I think that's what's put me off signing up for one of these, the potential flakers (although my birthday is in Feb, so if it ran Jan - Dec I'd be in with a better chance than most I suppose!) You did get some lovely things though from the non-flakers.

Loving all your recent makes and the idea of getting out to explore more with Mr R, I'm trying to do that with my camera too :o)