Monday, January 26, 2015

Making a Wallet

I have been wanting to make myself a wallet for some time. I thought I would design my own but when I saw my friend Karen, {@quiltingfairy on Instagram} making them, she shared the name of the pattern with me. I immediately bought the pattern and three frames but then forgot about it over the holidays.
This week I decided to pull some fabrics and whip up this project. It is a well written pattern with very explicate instructions. There are no questions after reading the pattern.
I chose a mixture of Alison Glass fabrics and stitched this up in less than an hour. The Diva Framed Wallet by Sew Many Creations is available on Craftsy and also as a PDF and a paper pattern.

Since it had been a while since I asked Karen about this pattern, I forgot that she suggested to flip the credit card slots so they don't spill out when the wallet is opened. Next Time...note to self.
The frame is a screw in type frame, but the designer suggests adding the use of Gutterman glue to help secure the frame. Even if she didn't suggest it, I was going to glue it in before securing the screws.

It has a zipper pocket for coins.

It also has two hidden pockets and slots for 6 credit cards.  It is lightweight and the perfect size. I think I am really going to like this wallet.


Unknown said...

Really nice! I've never seen that type of frame before.

mascanlon said...

This is cool! Adding it to my never ending list! And your fabric choices are very fun and happy.

Geri said...

Really cute!!!

Conni said...

I have recently branched out into making purses and tote bags, this wallet is great, might have to give it a try too, can I ask where you got your frame from??