Thursday, February 5, 2015

Buzzing Through February

Stitch Tease Bee is in full swing for 2015. This month is Kari's month. She chose a Kaleidoscope block design to be paper pieced. I just love the color palette she chose and I so want to make a quilt with these colors for myself.
There is a lot of cutting when making scrappy quilt blocks, but once the fabric is cut, the sewing is pretty fast. I would say seven out of eight of these blocks have near perfect points. I am calling that a win.

This is the second month for Stash Sew-ciety and everything is going well. Amye is our queen for the month and she has chosen the Boxy Stars block. I think this might be my new favorite block {which changes on a very regular basis}. It looks so good in the colors and style Amye has chosen and has helped me make a dent on my Denyse Schmidt bin of fabrics. I think I might need to make a few more of these blocks, or maybe even a whole quilt.  It's a great choice for a bee quilt to get many fabrics and colors in the mix.
These blocks went together really fast and are easily chain pieced.

So with yesterday's post about the 4x5 bee, that's three bees finished for the month and one more to go. I'm hoping to complete my bee obligations this week so I can get back to sewing my Star Plus quilt.


genevievegraves said...

You're right about that color combo---yum! The boxy stars are great too. I think I like them the way you've laid them out here---without sashing. It's fun to have the diagonals connect up. I'd love to see a whole quilt like that.

OPQuilt said...

I did that block for another bee I was in last year, and I really liked it too (although I had a time or two I sewed it incorrectly and had to "unstitch" and re-stitch. Beautiful blocks, Diane. Beautiful colors.