Friday, April 3, 2015

First Quarter Finishes 2015

I finished three of my four projects for the first quarter of the Finish Along.
My blog post with the hopeful list can be found here.

I did not finish the medallion quilt. It still remains folded in a little corner of my studio. I did hang it on the design wall, but gathered no inspiration from it. I think it might need to be made into a pillow and then it could be on next quarter's list. My friend, Darci, suggested removing the last green border. Maybe that's what I am not loving about this project.

My three finishes are:

2. The Fit for a Prince Baby quilt.

3. My most recent finish is the Star Plus quilt for a friend. I still need to do a proper photo shoot and write a separate blog post for this lovely finish, but with all the Easter prep, this is the only photo I had time to take.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


Susan Snooks said...

All your finishes are lovely! Those socks look especially snuggly! Personally, I do not like the spotted border on the Medallion WIP. When you first look at it, that's all you see. Maybe change that for something more subtle?

Leanne said...

Three of four finishes is excellent! I especially love the baby quilt, the colours are beautiful but the others are lovely too. I have no good advice on the medallion, except do what makes you happy with it.

Debbie said...

Lovely finishes! And I think your medallion would make a terrific pillow, then on you'd go!

Unknown said...

Great job , Di! Love it all.

Cindy said...

Oooo! I can't wait to see more photos of your latest finish. Well done you on such success this quarter.

Cindy said...

Can't wait to see more of your last finish! Well done you on such success this past quarter!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Great work!