Thursday, May 14, 2015


It's been two weeks since I posted anything in this space. My mind has been pre-occupied with worry about our son, who had surgery last week. All is well now and he is on the road to recovery, but it was scary for a while. He had surgery on his elbow to repair a serious injury he had last September, as a firefighter/paramedic. Helping care for the grandkids kept me occupied for a few days.
I did manage to get these socks finished while waiting in the carpool lines at their schools and watching their soccer games. 

I started these socks in April, before going to Chicago for Sewtopia. They are drying on my cute sock blockers and will soon be sent off to a friend in New Jersey. Another first when making these socks was using SOAK  for the first time to wash them before blocking. I am so pleased with this product. The colors did not bleed and there is no rinsing needed after washing the socks. I will be using this product again and again.

With each pair of socks I learn a little more and get a little better at certain parts of the process. This time I feel confident that I did well joining the heel and achieved a good transition as I started knitting the ankle of the sock. I love seeing my own personal growth as I learn to make improvements in the process of knitting.

The yarn was a little thicker than most that I have used previously, so I adjusted the size by only increasing to 28 stitches instead of my normal 32. 

In case you are wondering why I titled this post 14...that's how many pairs of socks I have knit since I discovered this passion 18 months ago. 

For my next knitting project I am going to try the Alluvial Plains Shawl by Karen MaCall. The Knit Along starts May 15, but I am waiting on my yarn to arrive so will have to join a little late.

Sock Stats:

Pattern: My own formula for the foot and cuff of the sock with a  Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Socks That Rock Blue Moon Fiber Arts100% Superwash Merino-Lightweight
Needles: Addi Turbo Sock Rockets US size 1 (2.5mm)


carol fun said...

Glad to hear your son is on the road to recovery! The socks are beautiful! I'm a big fan of Blue Moon's Socks that Rock yarn... such lovely colors and squooshiness!

Debbie said...

So glad your son is doing ok! Scary stuff. And yay for the socks - I'm still impressed that any of you MAKE them!

Susan Snooks said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting.... You are indeed the Sock Queen!!! These are such a gorgeous colour! I am so glad to hear your son has come through his recent surgery successfully!

Lynz said...

14 pairs?! Wowsers! How many have you kept for yourself, I keep giving mine away!

Glad your son is recovering!! Sounds like he's had a time of it.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous, as usually, but especially love these colors. Where did you get your nifty sock blockers?

Josie McRazie said...

I was just thinking about your ff son. (My hubby is a ff and I relate)
I have to tell you a while back you did a post about Kombucha... fast forward a year (or more) I grew a SCOBY and my first brew is 7 days in!! I think it is still a bit sweet so I'm going to give it another few days!!
I have said before you get me in trouble!! LOL I save more of your posts than any other!!