Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US. Many people on social media get this day mixed up with Veteran's Day. Memorial Day is the day we remember and honor those who lost their life defending our country; those who died in battle or while serving in the armed services. It is not a day we thank a veteran. Actually, that should be everyday, and I try to do that whenever I see a man or woman in uniform. My dad, father-in-law, 6 uncles and several cousins and friends are all veterans, but today I only think of one person, Richard Yanchuk.

Richard is the only person I have known who died while serving in the armed services. He was my childhood friend's brother. I think of him every year on Memorial Day. I was sixteen when he died and I remember my parents and our church's ladies guild wrapping their loving arms around Richard's family. It was Vietnam, 1969, I was 16. A very sad time.

Memorail Day draws families together for barbeques, picnics, family gatherings and ours in no different. Some might say it's not a holiday that should be celebrated with hot dogs and fun, but I say the opposite. It's through the struggles, sacrifices and dedication of those who lost their lives while defending our country and also to the veterans who served our country that we are allowed to celebrate our freedoms any way we choose.

The Stanleys are no different. We celebrated with a family BBQ at our son and daughter-in-law's beautiful mid-century modern home.
There were hot dogs, s'mores, outdoor games and lots of love and laughs.


mascanlon said...

It's so nice to hang out with family like this and you can feel all the love in Stanley clan. Glad to see your firefighter son out and about. Hope the rest of his recovery is without drama. We sat around and I sewed while my dh watched war movies, since all the kids were down from Bay Area the weekend before for birthdays at Disneyland. Crazy but fun to do Disney with 18 folks from 75 to 20months.

Geri said...

It was a hard decision to not come to the BBQ. We had found tickets for the Ducks game but also had been invited by Kyle. Looks like we missed such a great day! But the Ducks was fun too.

I know what you mean about Memorial Day. I posted a photo of Dad yesterday but it was because Josh at the #jj community asked us to post someone who has died that we'd like to remember since most of us don't know a particular person who died in battle.

The Immaculate Conception is something a lot of people confuse too..a lot of people think that it means Jesus was born of a virgin but it is actually that Mary was born without original sin. I guess we're all mixed up about something (smile).

Love the photos...what a great and beautiful family you and Paul have.

Leanne said...

I'm glad you remember Richard Y. Our day in Canada for remembering is November 11. It looks like your family had a great time celebrating and that totally what you are supposed to do. Freedom is very special, and the sacrifices should be honoured at least once a year.

OPQuilt said...

I agree with you about Memorial Day being confused with Veteran's Day--so lovely to see all your family celebrating together!