Friday, October 2, 2015

Blue Eyes and a Brickless Shawl

Our eldest son and daughter-in-law are visiting with their four children. We always enjoy their visits. They spend a big portion of their time while here at Disneyland or the beach. Today, Davis came home from Disneyland with her face painted, just as I was trying to figure out a photo session for my latest knitting finish. I couldn't resist having her be my model. Her gorgeous blue eyes enhanced with the face painting and my Brickless Shawl made for a fun photo shoot.

Brickless shawl

 Yowza! What a Skein Yarn

This shawl is an easy knit and a fun way to make lace without a lot of crazy counting. It's just three row combinations to make the pattern, repeated five times. I sweated it to the very end wondering if I would have enough yarn to finish. I had to cut the last section of lace short and cast off using another yarn in navy. It works and unless I told you, I don't think it would be noticeable. This shawl is huge, measuring over 100 inches from tip to tip and about 16 inches at it's widest point.
I have to admit that when I finished knitting this shawl I was not happy. It looked very "old lady-ish". But YOWZA! After I blocked it, the lace opened up and I just love it. It's soft and squishy and I am looking forward to wearing it. It will look so pretty with jeans and a cute top.

Shawl Stats:
Name: Blue Eyed Brickless Shawl
Pattern: Brickless Shawl by Martina Behm available on Ravelry
Yarn: Yowza What a Skein in Stairway to Heaven-Babette 8 oz. worsted weight
Needles:Addi Turbo 16" circular needle US size 6
Size: 118" long and 16" wide at the point.


Susan Snooks said...

Another lovely finish Di! I really admire your knitting ability and skill! And your little model truly does justice to that shawl!

Geri said...

Love love love this!!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Perfect model :o)

mascanlon said...

Adorable model! And the shawl is very pretty, I love blue!

Debbie said...

Very pretty shawl! And fun photos with grandgirl.

Leanne said...

It's always fun to see how blocking changes your lace knitting into the shawl you expected to see. This one is beautiful, as is your granddaughter.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Definitely old lady Di - looks pretty cool to me! (But won't you overheat a little in sunny So. Ca?

Unknown said...

It makes me angry that I can't comment on your posts from my phone, because that's where I always read them. It feels odd to be sitting at my computer.
Anyway I LOVE this. And your Granddaughter is beautiful of course. :) Can't wait to see you next month!