Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Bag for Jenny

My daughter-in-law asked me to make her a cross-body bag. I decided to make her the Gatherer Bag by Anna of Noodle-head . It's a free pattern on the Robert Kaufman website. Anna's patterns are always so good and easy to follow. 
I had fun using an old leather jacket that I found in our closet. My son had bought it from a thrift store years ago, but was no longer wearing it, so I asked if I could cut it up. It was fun to re-use the leather for the accent pieces on this bag. I actually removed the pockets and re-used them, pleats and all, to make the front flap and the inside pocket.

I even made tassels and sewed them to the ends of the strap.

I used the leather for the fun little details of Anna's pattern, like the piping on the front pocket edge.Sometimes I impress myself...look at the perfect matching of the pattern on the fabric!

I added crosshatch quilting to the front pocket and the back of the bag.

The biggest change I made to the pattern was to make the strap from the upcycled leather. I used the technique I learned from Lindsey a few years ago when I made this bag. I cut two strips of leather 2"x30" and sewed them together to make one long strip of fabric. Then I folded the leather in half over a piece of clothesline weight rope and stitched two rows of stitching as close to the rope as I could get. Then I trimmed away the excess leather. FYI: When sewing with leather you must use a size 18 leather needle and upholstery thread when threading the top thread. In the bobbin you need to use polyester thread. Natural leather will disintegrate cotton thread.


Melody A. said...

It looks like a terrific bag, I am sure your DIL will love it~!! and what clever use of another garment to up-cycle with, bravo, I love it when people reuse something and turn it into something new and fresh.

Debbie said...

How cool! Excellent use of the leather, Diane!

mascanlon said...

I am totally impressed! Using the leather was a cool idea and I would have never thought of trick with rope for sturdy handle. As for the!

gpc said...

Wow, you impress me, too! What a great bag! :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is amazing, Diane!! That fabric is from one of my favorite Jessica Jones lines. And great idea of repurposing an old leather jacket. I have a couple of those in my closet. Don't want to wear them but don't want to donate them to Goodwill either.

Susan Snooks said...

What a clever girl you are! (I keep telling you.....) Love the leather look and your fabric choice is perfect too! I can imagine your Jenny is loving her new bag!

Dollandesign said...

What a nice bag You have made!