Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Pie Day

Yesterday I heard it was National Pie Day so I decided to make a Chocolate Cream Pie. 
I used a tried and true recipe. It's a recipe I have been making for decades. 
But sometimes something goes wrong and you just have to admit defeat.
The pie crust was perfect. Light, tender and flaky. It didn't get soggy at all.
The filling was thick and creamy when I put it into the crust.
Although I browned the meringue {a little too much}, the pie seemed perfect.
After letting it cool and then putting it in the fridge for several hours we were looking forward to a slice after dinner.
As soon as I made the first cut I knew it was runny.
Oh well...we had perfect Pie Crust a Chocolate Cream Soup!


Robby said...

These things happen to the best of us. In my early single days I made a cheesecake and didn't realize that the last bit of directions was on the next page, "Refrigerate over night." I had refrigerated it, but when I was getting it ready to serve my dinner guests that evening I took the springmold off and it started to ooze across the counter. I quickly scooped it into bowls and topped it with crumbles of the crust and we had a "rustic Italian cream dessert". If it still tastes good....

Susan Snooks said...

Oh dear! It certainly looks yummy! What a disappointment for you Di! All that work....

Leah said...

So you won't be winning pie baking awards for that one, but as long as it tasted good!

mascanlon said...

That kind of thing usually happens to me when I have a houseful of folks!