Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Annual Gig Harbor Holiday

And just like that one of my favorite weeks of the entire year is over! For the last 12 years, I look forward to my annual trip to Gig Harbor, Washington, to scrapbook and visit with my friends, Monika and Mim. Monika and I go every year, choosing to go in the colder months, so we can enjoy a break from the California sun and warmer temperatures of our winter. We really got our wish this time, because we had rain and cold weather every day.
This year we were real hermits, only leaving the neighborhood once, to go to the grocery store. The rest of the time was spent making scrapbook pages, cooking, talking, taking walks through the beautiful neighborhood where Mim lives, and sleeping in late and just relaxing. 
This year I made all my pages with the Project Life App on my iPad. I worked on making pages with the photos from our Panama Canal cruise of 2011. It feels good to get a start on those photos but I still have a lot more to work with to complete that photo album. before I share any here. The nice thing about this app is you can take a digital photo and immediately make it into a scrapbook page. These two pages are made with photos from the week in Gig Harbor.

I love making pictures of the trees and flowers of the area. There are some that we rarely see, living in Southern California, like the flowering plum and cherry trees, although they were not in full regalia, they were beautiful.  The rhododendron and grape hyacinth are some of my favorites, too.

We usually go together and buy Mim a hostess gift, but the last several years I have been making her gifts. This year she requested pot holders and a framed clutch. I made her a pot mitt, just by tracing one I already had. I've had this fabric for a while and it was the perfect colors for Mim's kitchen. For the pot holder I used Amy's tutorial and copied an apple I saw on Pinterest.

For her clutch, I had this black and white fabric in my stash and used my pattern, available on Craftsy, The inside is really cute. Mim likes words, so this word search fabric made a fun lining. I added a red zipper pocket and a patch pocket. It really is the perfect sized clutch for an evening out. 

Mim seemed pretty pleased with her gifts and the colors and fabrics used. I made it clear that they are to be used. I know people are trying to be nice when they say, "they are too pretty to be used", but I really do hope that the gifts I make are used and not just put on display or worse yet, thrown in a drawer or closet. 


A trip to the Seattle area is not complete without a dinner by the water. The last several years we have been eating at Salty's in Redondo Beach and it never disappoints. Mim and Steve were supposed to let Monika and I treat them, but Steve grabbed the check before we did. That just means we will need to go back next year and we'll have to get better at grabbing the check!

These are just a few of the 40+ pages I made last week. 


Cindy said...

Sounds like a fun time Di. Your pages look great! I love that app.

Shirley said...

What a fun time and you got so many pages done. I love the zipper you added to the clutch.

mascanlon said...

So many fun things on this post! I am envious of your scrap skills, my phone is packed with photos and I download ( or is it upload?) to the cloud and then forget about them. And the clutch is a perfect size and gift, especially like the red zip!