Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pressed Flowers

One of my favorite quilt bee challenges, ever! My Stitch Tease Bee mate, Agniezska, asked for pressed flower blocks, complete with tape and the names of the flowers on it. 
For the first block, I actually picked 4 different flowers from my garden, pressed them and then decided which one would be the easiest to make as a quilt block. I pressed a carnation, a Chilean evening primrose, nasturtium and a bearded Iris. It reminded me of my teenage years when I pressed random flowers and kept them in a scrapbook.

Here is the first block. I used the raw edge appliqué technique and then embellished the flower with some extra thread work.

For the second block I resorted to Pinterest and found several different ideas but decided to try to recreate this gorgeous page of pressed flowers on musical themed paper.

Using the above photo as "inspiration", I cut various flowers from several different fabrics and then placed them on the sheet music fabric. I added some random leaves and cut gingham print fabric to look like wash tape. This time I used invisible thread to top stitch the flowers to the fabric and finished it with a free motion written label. I'm not sure they look like wild flowers but that's what I called them.

I heard from Agniezska that she received the blocks, today. All the way from California to Poland!


Susan Snooks said...

These are fabulous Di! Do I dare say they are the bees knees! (Are you familiar with that saying?) Not sure how you could part with them.....?

Judy H said...

what a creative idea. I am looking out my window into my neighbor's yard at a huge, orange poppy and want to recreate it now.

Debbie said...

wow. These look challenging! Your blocks are lovely!

tusen said...

You know it already, but once again - they are brilliant, thank you. And I loved reading about the whole process, too.