Monday, June 6, 2016

These Socks Took Forever To Make

When I added this pair of socks to my second quarter Finish-A-Long list I never dreamed it would take me this long to finish one sock. But, circumstances in my crazy life and lack of interest in getting them done has taken until now to finish. 
Part of the problem was that the pattern changes every row, which is very easy to follow, but was hard for me to memorize, making it a chore to read line by line. I was a bit lazy and started another pair of socks to be taken as my travel project and then it took a while to get back to these {By the way, I still have not finished that other pair either}.
I am so glad I finished them. The yarn is so soft and squishy and the pattern is beautiful. They are going to be my favorite socks, when the weather cools off.

This is a top down pattern, which is more of a challenge for me. But, I think it does my brain good to be challenged and do things in a different manner. They also used the slip stitch heel method instead of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel that I have memorized.

I bought the yarn from Citizens of Textile but I think Heather is operating under House of A La Mode Fiber Goods now. The yarn is a little finer weight than I am used to, making the socks very luxurious and soft.

The color of the yarn is somewhere between the upper photos and the collage below. I guess it depends of the lighting where I made the pictures.
You can see the details of the pattern. I love the way the ribbing on a top down sock looks finished and not wobbly.  I need to work on my kitchener stitch for finishing the toe, but I am getting the hang of it, finally! And that heel detail is just so pretty.
Martha decided to photo bomb my photo session. But who can resist those eyes and that sweet face?

Sock Stats:

Pattern: My Cup of Tea by Robin Lynn
Needles:Signature Needle Arts 5" Double Point Needles US size 1, 2.5 mm

2016 FAL


Debbie said...

Yay for a finish! I can't even comprehend the skill to make a pair of socks like this. SO pretty!

Susan Snooks said...

It does everyone's brain good to be challenged by things! When I started my new sweater I was constantly referring to the pattern, despairing that I would never remember it! But, yep, I did! Your socks are lovely Di! My favourite colour too!

Susan said...

Your socks look great. Thanks for the info at the end, I am about to start my first pair. I was hoping to use a circular needle but I think I'll have to try the dpn's. Hopefully I'll finish them before winter next year!