Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Fall Y'All

We are well into the fall season...everybody's favorite season. I wish it could be fall all year long. In Southern California, since the days are shorter, it feels cooler even though we are still experiencing 80'F days. Most nights I can cozy up with a quilt.
This fall quilt started as a kit I bought many years ago when my taste in quilts was quite different. It was a strip quilt with appliquéd pumpkins and such on it. I decided to just make a log cabin quilt. I added some more current fabrics to it and I must say they really helped make it look more modern.

I wanted to take the quilt to the pumpkin patch to photograph it but don't you know it rained this week and it was far too muddy to risk a visit. So Mr. Romance and I did the next best thing; we took it to the grocery store and photographed it in front of their pumpkin display.

For the backing I found this great Lost and Found Halloween newsprint fabric by Riley Blake. I didn't order quite enough so I used a little of the leftover fabrics from the front to piece the panel together for the backing.

When it came time to quilt this one I knew I wanted to quilt it with spider webs. I just wish I would have done more research on quilting spiderwebs, because I didn't make them dense enough. I'll know better next time, providing there will be another opportunity to quilt with spiderwebs.

I had this perfect variegated thread to use for quilting. 

I think my favorite part of this quilt is the striped black and white binding because it reminds me of the stockings I have seen worn by witches in movies and cartoons.

Quilts Stats:
Quilt Name: Happy Fall
Pattern: Log Cabin Blocks
Fabrics: A kit purchased years ago with a few added prints and solids from stash.
Batting: Warm and White Cotton Batting
Backing: Lost and Found Halloween Newsprint by Riley Blake
Binding: Timeless Treasures Black and White Stripe
Thread: Pieced with Aurifil 50 wt.
Quilting done by ME using Superior King Tut 40 wt. variegated thread #941
Size: 55" x 69"
A finish on my 4th quarter Finish Along

2016 FAL

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


If any of my readers have ever had open abdominal surgery they will understand the importance of these words, Cough*Sneeze*Laugh! I'm sure they are associated with the pain and discomfort you experienced when you did any of these normal everyday occurrences during your recovery period. 
My sister had surgery a few days ago as the beginning of her treatment for uterine cancer. She had a full hysterectomy and the surgery was done as an open surgery so the doctor could check all her surrounding organs for any signs of cancer. I am happy to report that he did not see any other cancer when he had her opened up. Now we wait to get the full pathology report, next week.

I wasn't going to make her anything right now, but 24 hours before her surgery I got an idea and went about creating it like a mad woman! I wanted to make her a pillow to hold when she coughs, sneezes or laughs because I was told from other friends who had surgeries in the past that holding a pillow to the abdomen helps so much with the discomfort associated with doing these things. I also decided that a circle of flying geese would remind her that she has lots of friends and family circling her with love, prayers and positivity as she faces the coming weeks and months in her battle to F*%K Cancer! I found this paper pieced pattern on Pinterest. It was supposed to finish at 6" but I enlarged it a bit so it finished at 7.5". I made 4, then used the piecelique method to attach the geese arcs to one piece of fabric, so there would be no seams in the center circle or the background fabric.

I was recently made aware of the fact that the color associated with the fight against uterine cancer is orange, so orange it would be. It's a good thing I am not lacking in orange fabrics. I would say orange is one of my favorite colors and I have a lot of orange fabrics to choose from.

For the words, I wrote them in Photoshop Elements, found a good script font and then flipped it horizontally, so the words were on the paper backwards. Then I printed the document onto a sheet of Steam a Seam, Lite, fused it to an orange fabric and cut it out. Then I zigzag stitched around the letters. I wish I knew how to use the embroidery feature of my Bernina 820, but I have no clue how to use. I still need to take that class. 
Because I was running out of time, I quilted it with a grid.using Aurifil white 50 wt. thread.

For the backing fabric, I had a few pieces of Tula Pink's Free Fall left over from a quilt backing. None of them were wide enough so I had to piece the back and place the zipper across the back of the pillow. I did a flap cover on the zipper. Even though I didn't have enough to match the dots, I'm still happy with the backing, because it is the perfect color and the bird symbolizes flight, and freedom and peace to me.

I started with white fabrics with orange print and then gradually built on the color going from light orange to dark orange. 
I was leaving to go to the hospital at 2:30 in the afternoon, and I finished the pillow at 2:10! It turns out I didn't need to hurry because Geri was not up to seeing visitors after surgery.  I stayed away one more day to let her rest. Today I got to see her and I gave her the pillow and she loved it!

The pillow fits a 20" pillow form. I must get to IKEA and buy more of their super squishy pillow forms. I took this one out of a pillow I had in my house.