Monday, February 27, 2017

Gifts for Mim

This week is my week to switch my creative hats. I will not be sewing this week but instead will be working on my scrapbooks. I will be in Seattle all week at my dear friend's house. My friend Monika and I will travel to Mim's where we will eat, talk, drink, talk and oh yeah...scrapbook. Mim and her husband spoil us with their incredible hospitality so it is only natural that I try to spoil her by making a few things that she has hinted at liking.

Giving a handmade gift is one of my favorite things to do. Sure, it's easier to buy something but making something, especially something a friend has hinted at that they would like, remains at the top of my list of pleasures.

This year I was listening when Mim hinted that she doesn't have any mug rugs. I decided to make her a set of non matching mug rugs, one for each season.

The first was made using Kate Basti's #talltalesblock. Mim loves to read, so her spring mug rug is a book and birds theme.

Summer wouldn't be complete without a yummy ice cream cone. This paper pieced pattern was found on the Freeze Frame blog.

For fall...a maple leaf block seemed like the best way to capture fall colors.

For the winter mug rug I used Amy's #riseandshinecoffeepattern. This is such a fun and versatile pattern.

Two years ago I made Mim a Valentine's Day pillow. (You can read about it here) This year, knowing she has the pillow form already, I thought it might be fun to make her a reading pillow. This was really fun to make. I started with the cutting guideline from Don't Call Me Betsy's tutorial and then assembled it my own way. It was very fun to cut words from text fabric and use selvedges as book titles.  This pillow finished at 20" square.

The last thing I made was a coin purse for each of my friends. This pattern is a standard in my rotation of things to make for friends. If you haven't tried making a coin purse hop over to Craftsy and grab this pattern. The lion is for Monika and the apples are for Mim. 

I am looking forward to giving my friends their gifts but I am more excited about spending time with my friends. I will be working on making scrapbook pages using photos from our trip to Ireland, Thanksgiving, Christmas, baby Valko (my newest grandson) and New Year's weekend. I hope I can get all these topics covered. I scrapbook using the Project Life app and then add other digital media to the pages when the mood strikes me. I'll be sharing some of my favorite pages on Instagram as they are completed.


Lisa C said...

I, too, am getting together with friends this weekend (college friends from 1984) at a lake house on Lake Livingston. All three enjoy mug rugs or potholders and they are so fun to make. Enjoy your getaway with your friends.

Melody A. said...

What wonderful presents with so much thought put into them to fit the people that are receiving them!!! Lovely! Have fun and take care, from Iowa

Robby said...

Love that pillow! So much detail, little discoveries can be made along the way as it is enjoyed.

Debbie said...

Awesome gifts! Have a great time up in our neck of the woods!

Tamie said...

You are such a thoughtful gift giver. Love your pillow. I hear it has been pretty cold where you are. Keep warm and enjoy your time with friends.