Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 First Quarter Finish Along

I had big ideas in January when I made my collage of hopeful projects to complete this quarter. If I would not have gotten sick for two weeks this month I might have been a little closer to meeting my goal. I managed to finish four out of my six projects.

The faux cactus for my grandson's nursery were fun to make. The process of sewing the cactus was effortless, but stuffing them took a lot of polyester batting and a strong arm. The shorter ones are 24" tall and the taller ones are 34" and 36" tall. I haven't delivered them to my son yet (because of being ill and not wanting to be by the baby), but this weekend we are getting together to celebrate a few more family birthdays, so I will deliver them on Sunday.

Find Your Fade Shawl is finished. It will probably live in a drawer until the fall, since our weather has taken a warm turn this week.

Baby quilt #1, Summer in the Park pattern. This one was gifted to my sister's granddaughter.

The second Summer in the Park quilt was gifted to my brother's granddaughter. It's fun to think we all had grandchildren born within a few weeks of each other.

I didn't get my alternative pickle dish quilt finished. I basted it this week and I am about half finished. with the quilting. It goes to the top of my list to finish for the next quarter.

Also, high on my list to finish for next quarter will be this flying geese quilt. I need to make a few more blocks and come up with a good layout. So this one goes down as unfinished for the first quarter. 

Linking up with the lovely ladies who host the Finish Along.

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