Monday, May 8, 2017

More Socks

I finished two pair of socks a while ago. 

The first was the striped pair.  I like the fun stripes in the yarn. I decided to use a plain aqua for the toe, heel and ribbing on the cuff. I made the after-thought heel on this pair, which was both fun and stressful. I had a little bit of difficulty picking up the stitches. I find I learn something evey time I make a pair of socks. This time I learned that if I use a thicker waste yarn, it's a little easier to pick up the stitches when it comes time to make the heel. 

The green socks are one of my Finish-Along projects for this second quarter of 2017. Holy cow, this year is flying by way too fast!
This pair was a simple, no frills, stockinette stitch. I tried to make them a bit fancy by changing the ribbing on the cuff.
I also dropped my needle size from a 2.5 mm 24" circular needle to a 2.25 mm and I think the fit is better for my foot.

I started another pair of socks last week and will have them finished soon.

Capitola Quilter


Judy H said...

I have one pair of socks in progress. And the yarn for about 3 more pairs. One day....

Robby said...

I am also challenged when picking up stitches, and have had success with thicker yarn. The other thing I find helpful is to get something not too fuzzy, so the fibers don't intermingle too much. I often use cotton yarn for that.

Rosec said...

Another helpful tip is to pick up your stitches on smaller needles than the ones you are using. I have a 00 size circular that works great for picking up stitches. Simply knit off it onto your regular size needles.