Thursday, August 24, 2017

Five Years in the Making

Five years ago my son asked if I would teach his daughter to sew. Makenzie and I started with a simple pair of pull on shorts. We used an old pair of her sweats and cut a pattern to make them. Soon afterwards we moved on to quilt passion.
We decided on the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern. I had two charm square packs of a cute fabric line that she liked so we started with the basic techniques of learning about the 1/4" seam allowance, matching her points and pressing the seams.

Between her schedule and mine we didn't get much accomplished that first summer, so we returned to the same project the next year...

and the next year!

She finally finished the quilt top in 2014 and then we both dropped the ball. Makenzie was not super interested in sewing, although we loved our time together. She is a sporty girl and has a busy social life so sewing was not really at the top of her list. Her quilt got folded up and put away in my unfinished projects box.

This year I decided to finish the quilt and surprise her with it for her birthday.

I knew her small quilt wouldn't get much use seeing as she is 5'8" tall now, so I added a large border on all sides using the Nummers print fabric from IKEA. The black and white words were the perfect addition to showcase Makenzie's work in the center of the quilt.
I quilted it using my favorite method of what I call "Graffiti" quilting; a combination of straight lines, pebbles, squiggles, hearts and words.

I incorporated the label into the quilting with short phrases like "this quilt made by Makenzie and quilted by Bubbi" and "started in 2012 and completed in 2017" and "Happy Birthday".

I backed the quilt with the Story newsprint from Carrie Bloomston. I found it on Amazon ( and received a discount for buying over 4 yards! I love using this print because it is 108" wide and goes with so many different styles of quilt. The binding is becoming a habit too. Once again I used the black and white mini stripe from Timeless Treasures, available from on Amazon, too.

The finished quilt measures 72" wide and 82" long...I think it will keep Makenzie warm and cozy for many years to come.

Martha had to try it out before we gifted the quilt to Makenzie.

She was so surprised and her smile shows how much she liked her quilt. It holds so many memories of our time spent together.

This video shows her surprise and you can hear her parents in the background, remarking at their surprise of how well she did making the center section.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Awwe, it is stunning, as is MacKenzie!!! I have a MacKenzie too...she is now 18, where do the years go???

Linda Smith said...

You are a good Bubbi. She will certainly treasure this for years to come.

Linda said...

Trying to figure out how you cut up the nine patch. I love the variety of squares create. What a great gift--sewing together and the finished project!

Linda said...

How did you cut up the nine patch? I love the variation in the squares. What a great gift --the design and sewing experience together and a lifetime quilt to remember for your grand daughter.

Lynn said...

How wonderful - both the quilt and the lovely story of its making over the years. A great gift to complete and give to her.

Debbie said...

This is really special Diane! ;-) I really love that it was a joint project AND the your granddaughter was so pleased with your surprise. Good going!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Very sweet of you to finish up this for your granddaughter! She is sure to cherish the quilt (and the time together with you that it represents.)