Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let's Sew...a Blackwood Cardigan and the Elani Tunic

I have rediscovered my love for garment sewing. Over the last few years I have made a few garments after discovering some Indie pattern designers. This year, I pledged to the Ready to Wear Fast on Instagram. I admit to giving in to buying a few logo t-shirts but other than that and some shoes I’ve been really good at sticking to the fast. 
I upped my sewing game after I started listening to a new to me podcast called Love to Sew. I just love listening to Helen and Caroline. Their easy, relaxed style of interviewing and their lighthearted attitude keep me entertained. I’m all caught up with the available episodes and anxiously await the new episodes each week. They have inspired me to learn all I can to regain the skills I so carelessly tossed aside years ago. I have been discovering new pattern designers and online fabric shops. I'm not putting quilting aside, but I do love this new turn in my creative journey.
I really like Stylarc patterns. They are an Australian pattern designer with a lot of patterns to choose from. I have made several of their tops and a dress. Their patterns fit my body quite well, with only some minor adjustments.
This is the Elani Tunic. I cut a size 10 through the bust and shoulders and then graded it out through the hips to accommodate my short waist and fuller hips.
The fabric is a gorgeous Watercolor viscose print that I purchased from La Mercerie. It was my trickiest fabric to work with in a very long time but it came together beautifully and is very comfortable to wear. The soft, flowy drape of the fabric  and the length of the tunic will mean I can wear this top with jeans or leggings.

 stylarc elani tunic

stylarc elani tunic

Remember the Podcast I mentioned above? Well, Helen is one of the hosts and she has a few patterns that she has designed. This Blackwood Cardigan is one of them. I love it so much! This is the second one I have made and I have a third one cut and ready to sew. 
I purchased the charcoal  tweed  ponte fabric at Joann's Fabrics. It has a beautiful weight to it and looks dressy.
This was such a quick sew. Except for the top stitching, I used the overlocker machine to sew it together. My high school Home Ec teacher would be so happy because the inside looks just as good as the outside.

For this pattern I cut a size large through the shoulders, bust and sleeves (I shortened by one inch) and graded to an extra large through the hips. The fit is so perfect!

I really like the length of this cardigan. The pattern also has a shorter, cropped version available.

blackwood cardigan

The first Blackwood I made I omitted the pockets because the knit had a cable that I thought would be too hard to get perfect. For this one the knit fabric was a perfect weight to make the pockets and they I'm pleased with they way they finished. I'm glad I added them this time.

blackwood cardigan

This is the first Blackwood cardigan that I made. The fabric is a cable knit from Joann's. I love the navy color and I also bought it in cream to make another one. This one I cut a size medium through the bust and shoulders and graded to an extra large through the hips. This one was also completely sewn on the overlocker except the top stitching.
Now I have three very wearable pieces of clothing .

blackwood cardigan

I have a few other pieces of clothing to share. I'll be doing that soon because Me Made May is about to begin next week.


Susan Snooks said...

Firstly, I love your new hairdo! It makes you look so young! And yay for garment sewing! You are doing an amazing job of everything! That top is so pretty on you! How is it that I don't know about Stylarc? Off to check them out!

Charlotte M. said...

Love them both. I too am back to garment sewing and loving it. I am always on the lookout for new indie patterns. Thanks for the tips.

Lisa C said...

Both of them are great but that cardigan is over the top! The pockets! Fabulous job.

Geri said...

The tunic and color palette is so cute on you and I agree that your hairstyle is so cute on you! It looks like it's easy to style???? Can't wait to work on my cardigan together with you soon!

Gwen said...

I love both the StyleArc tunic and the sweater. And I appreciate seeing the finished makes on you because you and I (I think) are very similar.

Thank you for sharing this!