Friday, July 13, 2018

Goldilocks and the Three Quilts

You all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, but have you heard of Goldilocks and the three quilts?
I've been collecting Alison Glass fabrics and particularly saving the handcrafted line and the sun prints for a special day when inspiration might strike.
While deciding on what projects I wanted to work on at my retreat in May, I knew I wanted to finally work with my AG stash.  I cut 9" squares of all the Alison Glass and planned to make a simple, sort of rainbow order quilt. I cut all the squares before I left for Wisconsin, so I was able to have a finished quilt top a few hours after arriving at Stitch Supply Retreat Center.

When it came time to quilt it I pulled out all the thread spools with colors of the quilt. I didn't use all of them but I did use a lot of the 20 colors that I had pulled out. 

Straight, horizontal lines, about 1/2" apart, seemed like the right way to quilt it. I had a little problem with puckering while quilting this piece, but I blame that on my lack of experience with my new Juki machine and the fact that I used voile to back it. All the lovely crinkles of the quilting created after laundering pretty much made the puckers disappear.

I used this great print of Alison Glass voile/lawn for the backing. It makes the quilt so light and super comfy. I also made a few matching pillowcases. I've heard for years how soft and comfortable lawn pillowcases are to sleep with. I'd made them for gifts in the past but never for myself, until now.

AT 68" x 84", it's a perfect size for my side of the bed. I think I have slept with it every night since I finished it at the end of May. The binding is another Alison Glass fabric, a near solid in bright pink.

This quilt is the one Goldilocks tried out first. She really liked it, but I had my heart set on it so this one belongs to Mama Bear.

Whenever I pull out a big pile of fabric I really dislike folding it and putting it away after I cut a square or two here and there. I needed to make a quilt for a baby shower gift. It's my sweet friend's second baby, so I usually like to make a family picnic sized quilt instead of a baby quilt. Since I had these fabrics still out in my sewing room I decided to use them for Lindsay's quilt, too. Combined with a charcoal yarn dyed chambray and using a free pattern by Faith Jones, on the Bernina blog We All Sew, I cut all the components for the quilt one day and then took a few days to piece it.  

I really didn't want to quilt this one myself, because it was quite large, so I called one of the long arm quilters I have used and asked if she could have it finished in a week. She started out by saying she was getting ready to go on she'd hurry and get it done right away. By right away she meant she'd do it in one day! I just love the all over motif she used because it has so many different combinations of swirls, bubbles and squares. This gave the quilt great movement.

Because I was running out of time I was not able to order fabric for the backing or binding. I had to find something at our local quilt store and they really don't carry my style of fabrics. It was my lucky day when I found this traditional batik, which had a very modern look to it. I used it as the backing and the binding.

Since this is the biggest quilt in the trio it would definitely be Papa Bear's quilt. Goldilocks gave it a try but I told her not to get too comfortable;  this one was going to someone very dear to me. At approximately 85" x 86", I'm hoping it will be the picnic/beach quilt for the growing family of my friend Lindsay and her husband, Scott and their growing family.

I grabbed the remaining fabrics and used the improv stripe method to piece a baby quilt. I spray basted this quilt, trying out a method my friend, Debbie, had suggested on her blog. I've never used the design wall to spray baste vertically instead of on the floor. It worked really well for this small sized quilt. I'll have to try it on a larger quilt sometime soon. 
I had a small piece of wool batting and some IKEA Nummers print for the backing. I managed to make it work, despite the fact that I barely had enough of the batting or the backing.


Quilted with Wonderfil Invisible Thread on my Juki 150QVP. I'm still having thread breakage issues, but for the most part "Justine" liked this thread.

This small quilt measures 34" x 47" after laundering. Goldilocks tried it out but declared, "This quilt is too small".

Dear readers, just because I like you so much, here are some lovely photos of flowers growing in my garden this summer.

And, in case you were wondering, the part of Goldilocks was played by Martha Stewart Labradoodle!


mascanlon said...

Great quilts!! I need to be more like Di and cut a couple of things at once although I really want to work through some ufos this year.

Debbie said...

Beautiful quilts! And I'm glad the design wall basting worked ok for you. For larger quilts I definitely need hubby to team with me, but it goes real fast that way. Gosh I bet it feels good to have all of those done!

Susan Snooks said...

So much beautiful colour Di! How wonderful to have these quilts finished! Martha looks very proud of you too!

momi_machts said...

The quilts look fabulous and AG colors look like she had your garden as inspiration.

Love the colors

Greetings Christiane

tusen said...

This is such a sweet, fun blog post, Di, just what I needed after a looong day at work, so thank you so much for it.
The quilts are lovely, all three of them, and it's great to see your flowers too.